Blockchain Gaming Platform True Flip Announces Huge Updates

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by Konstantin Lazarev · 3 min read
Blockchain Gaming Platform True Flip Announces Huge Updates
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The world’s largest fair blockchain game True Flip has reached yet another milestone, having completed a full redesign of its user interface and introduced a range of additional features for an improved gaming experience.

Leveraging the innate features of distributed ledgers, True Flip is a blockchain fair games platform that ensures full transparency of gaming processes such as random number generation, prize pools, ticket purchases and prize distribution. It represents an innovation in gaming’s financial aspects in the era of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

After the latest revamp, the True Flip platform now features a clean interface that enables seamless integration of future products and options. Players on the platform can now switch effortlessly between its two current offerings: Flip’s Star (with a 402 BTC Jackpot) and Rapid to the Moon (with a 14 BTC Superprize), while looking forward to three more games which will be introduced to the platform by mid-2018.

With its flagship game Flip’s Star featuring a jackpot exceeding the platform’s current market cap, True Flip already presents an exciting and fair opportunity for players all over the world to win big and win quick.

True Flip is also working on a special solution designed to maintain ticket prices of Flip’s Star in the face of a volatile price of Bitcoin, scheduled to be announced early 2018. Meanwhile, ticket prices have now been halved to 0.0002 BTC (20,000 satoshi) for each ticket.

Additionally, players can now view the reshaped “Token Holder Profile” that presents a complete data sheet with a cleaner structure and visually appealing layout. TFL tokens can also now be used to play True Flip games. Each Flip’s Star ticket can be purchased for 1 TFL, while plays for Rapid to the Moon start at 0.5 TFL.

Interested users can now purchase TFL tokens across several cryptocurrency exchanges. TFL tokens also have the additional feature of allowing their owners to participate in a special quarterly game for a chance to win prized formed by 10% to 15% of payments from each ticket sold on True Flip games.

True Flip COO Nikita Parkhomenko spoke with pride about this latest version of the platform, with improvements to all its gaming products aimed to enhance user experiences. It is hoped that the excitement of real-time gaming would result in gradual growth of interaction and participation on its international blockchain-based games:

“True Flip started as a game with a once-daily jackpot drawing and the average user spent about $5 per day on…This is a step forward to the “World of True Flip”, which is in development to gamify the entire system, offering users characters, levels, quests, experience points, bonus games and much more.”

True Flip CMO Konstantin Katsev said that the new landing pages of the platform would mark a new direction and added impetus for its marketing objectives:

“The main focus is of course the ticket sales, which will keep growing with the help of our CPA partners, as well as the enhanced player support and stable positive news flow raising awareness among our desired audiences.”

Following these updates, Curacao-based True Flip has fulfilled 60% of its commitments made during its public crowd sale that raised more than 2,000 BTC in digital assets from over 3,000 participants. Today True Flip runs two games, with three more in the pipeline. More than 150,000 players have registered with True Flip to play for the chance to win a significant 400 BTC Jackpot that continues to grow with every ticket sold.

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