TAP Secures Investment from Alphabit and FBG Capital

Place/Date: Gibraltar - October 19th, 2018 at 10:55 pm UTC · 2 min read
Contact: TAP, Source: TAP

AlphaBit, one of the first regulated crypto funds, is the biggest in the middle east whilst FBG Capital was described by Forbes as Asia’s hottest crypto fund.

TAP Secures Investment from Alphabit and FBG Capital

TAP aims to be a one stop shop for anyone involved, or looking to be involved, in crypto currencies. With the easiest fiat onboarding process, multiple exchanges linked by one app (with only 1 KYC process), a powerful “middleware” engine adding convenience never seen in the crypto sector and a payment card attached, TAP will facilitate the next adoption wave of crypto whilst making the lives of current crypto holders much easier.

There are many ways in which TAP will add convenience to the sector, for example, TAP will eliminate the need to move funds from one exchange to another to complete an alt to alt trade. TAP will allow a fiat pairing with any supported currency, cutting out the normal fiat to BTC/ETH step before buying the alt. TAP users can also select any supported currency to be instantly sold to fiat to fund card purchases.

Liam Robertson, CEO of AlphaBit, said:

“We are thrilled to be lead investor in TAP. This is a really important project for the sector as there haven’t been any major leaps forward in making crypto both more accessible to new investors or more convenient to current adopters until now. In addition, the strength and experience of the team behind the project will really drive the technology to benefit the entire crypto community. The fact that the project is close to completion is also a major bonus as an investor”

TAP has released its third alpha version of the app, including integration with Kraken and Binance, and expects to release the beta soon.