Telegram Unveils Telegram Passport, the First Service for Its Future Telegram Open Network (TON)

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Telegram Unveils Telegram Passport, the First Service for Its Future Telegram Open Network (TON)
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Telegram introduces Telegram Passport – the first service of the future blockchain-based Telegram Open Network set to be launched by the beginning of summer 2018.

As it has become known, Telegram has created the first service for its future blockchain platform Telegram Open Network (TON), and now the team is conducting private tests. The company’s development is called Telegram Passport, which is aimed at identifying Telegram users.

Telegram will offer users a possibility to upload all the necessary documents to the messenger. It will be enough to do it only once, as then Telegram will be instantly transferring this data to its partner services, enabling users to use the latter via Telegram or on their main web sites.

As it was informed by a source close to the company, Telegram Passport may be launched by the beginning of the summer.

In January, Telegram announced its plans to create TON. With a view to develop this project, the company has raised $1.7 billion. The team promised to create an entire new economy with a huge number of goods and services that can be paid for in cryptocurrency.

The platform will have its native token called Gram that is to become the key digital currency of Telegram’s ecosystem. Some experts have already predicted that Gram will reach a $200 billion market cap just in 5 years.

With its new service, Telegram aims to avoid anonymity of crypto payments, which is one of the main issues for governments all over the globe. It is planned that by the moment Telegram Passport is launched, it will be possible to use integrated services of several platform’s partners.

There are some talks about the fact that payment system Qiwi is considering a possibility to join the project, as it has already received an access to this technology. Nevertheless, there are no official comments from Qiwi yet.

Telegram Passport will be able to accept passports, driver’s licenses, bank account certificates, utility bills, and other documents. On top of that, the service will be able to make a request to take a photo of a user.

If turn to private data security, the project states that only a user will have an access to the private data and documents copies uploaded to Telegram. All this information will be protected using a “two-factor authentication” method, and the company itself won’t have an access to it.

The service will receive data and documents only after a user confirms his or her agreement to transfer them, while  platform’s partners will need to verify the received data in accordance with their own standards.

Telegram Passport is the first step to creation of a comprehensive blockchain platform that will unite millions of people from all over the world. However, this service can’t be considered as a unique one. Such serious Telegram’s competitors as Facebook, Google and Windows Live also offer an opportunity to pass through authorization on external sites via their platforms.  Nevertheless, Telegram Passport is said to have a very important advantage – it promises users to provide an enhanced level of privacy and data security.

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