Ten Billion Coin Secures Third Partnership Ahead of Triple IEO Listing

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Ten Billion Coin Secures Third Partnership Ahead of Triple IEO Listing
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Blockchain project Ten Billion Coin has sealed a third partnership with one of the leading Petro-Chemical Engineering Companies in China and is set to launch a triple IEO.

The multi-billion RMB new partnership with NanTong Wonder, is the latest development in Ten Billion’s innovative goal for a digital future, where all companies will have their presence on blockchain. The strategic partnership with Nantong Wonder – a company that already has up to 20 years of experience working with top notch energy firms from all over the world, including Shell, BP, DuPont, Dow, ExxonMobil, and SinoPec, among others, has proven that the Ten Billion vision is a welcome solution.

The exciting announcement follows that of two previous partnerships, with the earlier signing of both the Institute of Southeast Guizhou Province Hospital (a tumor Immunotherapy Research Base) and XiaYi ShengTai YingRan Technology Industrial Park to its Ten Billion Coin Blockchain. The two institutions are highly acclaimed in China and worth several billions of RMD. This series of partnerships has thrust the blockchain platform into the limelight leading to mounting proposals from companies within and outside of China, looking to integrate into the Ten Billion unprecedented blockchain solution.

Due to the growing interest in Ten Billion’s fully decentralized ecosystem, the platform will provide an opportunity for anyone to participate in its fast-paced project through a triple IEO event scheduled for the 28th of August.

Ten Billion Coin will offer 6 billion of its native tokens (YBY) on three different platforms: LAToken, P2PB2B and VinDax. These tokens will be distributed among the exchanges in the following portions:

  • LATOKEN Exchange – 4 billion YBY for sale at the price of $0.005.
  • P2PB2B – The platform will be allocated 1 billion YBY at $0.005.
  • VinDax – A share of 1 billion YBY will be made available at $0.005.

Having received a strong level of support from LAToken, P2PB2B, and Vietnam-based VinDax to host the event, Ten Billion looks forward to a tailored approach to fit a diversified global audience.

The Ten Billion Coin project is the brainchild of a team of dedicated professionals with rich backgrounds in technical innovations. Among the talents is Ming ZeFei, who has over a decade of management history in Shanghai PuDong Development Bank and a portfolio of over 38 years of finance and management experience cutting across different fields. His experience stretches through tax regulations, bank credit process, risk management, among other financing abilities.

Also aboard the team is Hu Yong, an economist, lawyer, financial securities expert and a CPA. They are joined by Zhang YuLin, who has rich practical experience in financial auditing for listing on the new Third Board of China (which specializes in blockchain-based company offerings, IPOs, and corporate bond issuance.

A quick search for Ten Billion Coin on the web will reveal exciting ongoing events such as the TenBillion AirDrop for early birds, and media interest garnered by the project as it strives to empower Chinese enterprises by enabling them to leverage the immutability and transparency of blockchain technology.

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