Ten Most Expensive NFTs Sold So Far

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by Mercy Tukiya Mutanya · 3 min read
Ten Most Expensive NFTs Sold So Far
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In this article, you can have a look at our list of the ten most expensive NFTs spanning from $5 million to almost $100 million.  

NFT has been the word of the year. Quite literally too if you ask Collins Dictionary. The dictionary defines non-fungible tokens or NFTs as unique digital identifiers that record the ownership of a digital asset. NFTs have been around for years. In fact, the first known NFT was created in May 2014 by digital artist Kevin McCoy. With the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency during the pandemic period, NFTs also began to receive attention and to be sold as impressively expensive assets.

At present, there are rather expensive NFTs of items in many industries including sport, music, fashion and gaming. Some have gone on to sell for millions of dollars. As of November, the industry had a market volume of over $7 billion. If you know anything about NFTs, you have most likely heard of Beeple’s $69.3 million sale.  Of course, that is not the only NFT sale to bring in millions. We have compiled a list of the ten most expensive NFTs spanning from $5 million to almost $100 million.

  • CryptoPunk #5217, a depiction of an ape wearing a knitted hat and gold chain sold for $5.59 million in July this year.
  • Beeple’s Ocean Front is a painting-style image of a caravan, containers and a tree stacked neatly in the ocean. The art piece was sold for $6 million on March 23.
  • A Coin for the Ferryman is a gif created by XCopy in 2018. It is a series of scribbled faces set on a colorful background and was bought for $6.034 million on November 4.
  • Crossroad is the second Beeple artwork on our list. The $6.6 million piece is a 10-second clip showing a large prone body with graffiti-style insults written all over it and people walking past it, seemingly oblivious to its presence.
  • CryptoPunk #3100 is one of the nine alien CryptoPunks and sports a headband. It was bought in March for $7.5 million. It is the seventh most rare punk and is on sale for $140 million at the time of this writing with no bids yet.
  • CryptoPunk #7804, another alien punk, was sold for $7.56 million. The punk, which has a pipe its mouth, dons a cap and shades.
  • CryptoPunk #7523 is currently the most expensive CryptoPunk. The alien punk, third-rarest, sold for $11.75 million in June. It has a gold earring, a knitted cap and a medical mask.
  • Another Beeple entry is the HUMAN ONE NFT Sculpture that was bought for $28.985 million in November.
  • Everydays: The First 5000 Days by Beeple was bought in March for $69.3 million. It is currently the most expensive NFT sold to a single owner. The piece is a collage of 5000 pieces of art Beeple is said to have created over a period of 5000 days beginning in 2007.
  • The Merge by Pak is a relatively recent purchase. Bought for an impressive $91.8 million on December 2, the piece of art was bought by 28,983 collectors that pooled money together for the purchase.
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