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Tezos to Launch Proof-of-Attendance Token at Singapore FinTech Festival 2022

October 27th, 2022 at 11:42 am UTC · 4 min read

  • Pioneering Layer 1 Proof of Stake blockchain Tezos is set to enhance the visitor experience at the Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF), where visitors are able to mint their own personalized SFF2022 Proof of Attendance (PoA) Token as a unique Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collectible.
  • This NFT will be created with a generative algorithm in a few easy clicks
  • The Tezos ecosystem will also be hosting and participating in panels at the SFF Innovation Labs Crawl and Digital Assets & Web3 stage

Visitors to this year’s SFF are able to mint their own personalized SFF2022 Proof of Attendance Token on Tezos, a pioneering Proof of Stake Layer 1 blockchain that is self-upgradable and energy-efficient with a proven record of security and scalability. This NFT will be created with a generative algorithm in a few easy clicks.

Tezos’ SFF2022 Proof of Attendance Token will be minted and stored in a Tezos blockchain wallet within a few easy clicks. This SFF PoA experience will be activated by TZ APAC, a leading Asia-based blockchain adoption team that has carried out similar best-in-class activations across the region including the Tezos exhibition at Art Basel Hong Kong earlier this year. Visitors will be issued the wallet at the point of minting, created via direct authorization login to one’s social media account of choice. The Proof of Attendance Token features a generative design that has been created on fxhash, an open platform to create and collect generative Art on the Tezos blockchain. Minting can be done at a designated area at the heart of Hall 3 of the Singapore Expo, right next to the ecosystem stage.

This activation marks a continuation of an annual presence of the Tezos ecosystem at the Singapore Fintech Festival. In last year’s edition, Tezos collaborated with SFF to host Linkin Park founder Mike Shinoda, who shared his knowledge and experience on the convergence of media and finance in the context of Web 3.0.

Katherine Ng, Managing Director of TZ APAC, said:

“Tezos commitment to be part of SFF is reflected in our teams’ pledge to evolve and innovate together in a responsible, viable and inclusive way. SFF’s efforts to champion conversations and progress in key topics such as business sustainability through innovation are very much aligned with the values of the Tezos ecosystem. The Tezos ecosystem is looking forward to being at SFF once again, this time providing a Proof of Attendance Token experience that is set to bring communities together over NFTs and real-world utility. Visitors will be guided through a seamless experience in creating a digital wallet and minting an NFT.”

In addition to the Proof of Attendance activation, members of the Tezos ecosystem in Asia will also be participating in key activities during the festival.

Katherine will be participating in a panel discussion titled “Building Resilient Web3 Companies in APAC” on Wednesday, 2 November, at 1:00 PM SGT at the Digital Assets & Web3 stage. Speakers in this panel will discuss the state of Web3 and the core trends and technology shaping the future of this industry in the region. They will also focus on highlighting what sustainable Web3 business models look like and how to build an innovative and responsible digital asset ecosystem in Singapore.

TZ APAC will also be hosting a variety of insightful and interactive sessions during the Innovation Lab Crawl on 31 October and 1 November focusing on topics such as tokenization, Decentralized Finance and regulatory technology. Participants can expect to pick up insights from industry leaders from organizations such as InvestaX, ShuttleOne and RegPac during these sessions.


Tezos is smart money, redefining what it means to hold and exchange value in a  digitally connected world.  A  self-upgradable and energy-efficient  Proof-of-Stake blockchain with a proven track record,  Tezos seamlessly adopts tomorrow’s innovations without network disruptions today.


TZ  APAC  Pte.  Ltd.  (“TZ  APAC”)  is the leading  Asia-based blockchain adoption entity supporting the Tezos ecosystem. It designs value-added blockchain transformation strategies for enterprises and creators with a  bottom-up approach, working closely with blockchain experts and other stakeholders in the Tezos ecosystem. TZ APAC is supported by the Tezos Foundation and is headquartered in Singapore.

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