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Tezro: The One-Stop Super App for Everyday Social and Financial Services Built on Reliable Blockchain Technology

June 15th, 2022 at 10:00 am UTC · 3 min read

Tezro: The One-Stop Super App for Everyday Social and Financial Services Built on Reliable Blockchain Technology

Tezro has become the new ultimate tool for the rapidly developing financial industry. With a robust infrastructure built on reliable blockchain technology, Tezro combines all modern technologies and the requirements of a wide range of users in different areas of the global banking ecosystem to serve sellers and buyers.

As a result, retailers and financial institutions, usually interconnected through a complex chain of intermediaries, can now work directly and several times faster, easier, and more reliably with the Tezro multi-system platform. Moreover, its operations are entirely in line with the generally accepted norms and rules established by the regulatory government bodies of the world’s developed economies.

Tezro combines all social networks (such as Instagram, Telegram, and Twitter) with financing services. It is the most dependable super-app, with simpler and more convenient tools, uniting financial banking and retail through blockchain into a single global ecosystem! It enables all segments of consumers to conduct banking and financial transactions easily and quickly.

Why Tezro?

Chat/Banking app – while communicating with counterparties, you can instantly pay for goods and services in fiat and cryptocurrency and convert or exchange it at the parties’ discretion.

It gives you access to interest-free consumer loans to purchase goods on trading platforms connected to Tezro.

Manages investments through the modernized decentralized finance (De-Fi) system, with effect analysis for the most profitable investments in various protocols!

Offers a unique auction platform for trading NFTs and luxury goods.

It allows sellers to expand the geography of their sales worldwide significantly. Moreover, it helps improve their offline stores by using a demonstration and instant payment system for goods anywhere in the world. Finally, it enables real-time communication and sales with customers.

It is built with a simple API that allows you to connect any online store to the Tezro payment system and perform operations based on mutual funding blocking until the parties fulfill their obligations via the Escrow banking system. Alternatively, create special price tags for goods and services to be posted on other social networks for instant payment by customers without requiring a routine transition to other payment and banking payment resources.

Tezro also offers a dependable system of fraud protection against using stolen and counterfeit payment cards from various payment systems.

Finally, Tezro simplifies the complicated world of finance for the average buyer. Because of its new approach, merchants and clients can now interact directly with payment systems and banking solutions worldwide, bypassing routine and intermediaries.

About Tezro

Tezro is a blockchain-based user-centric app that enables new and experienced crypto users to enjoy instant communication, access DeFi services and possibilities, exchange money for goods and services, and easily and securely conduct crypto transactions and investments. Tezro also has an extremely user-friendly interface that allows for simple and enjoyable interaction.

Tezro is the first and only app that combines digital financial transactions with virtual communications. As a result, it addresses one of the most significant issues with centralized finance: the involvement of middlemen.