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The Future Of Fitrova – How Twilx SEO Tokens are the Key!

June 28th, 2018 at 7:35 pm UTC · 3 min read

The rebranding effort has been orchestrated to eliminate past FUD against the brand and will surely serve for mass adoption of SEO tokens.

According to this article by Fitrova, the new acquisition and take over by Twilx will be offering a full FRV token buyback to all initial investors that purchased FRV during the ICO phase between Mar 26th 2018 – April 30th 2018.

ICO investors will be offered the FRV token buy-back at a Pre-ICO Price for all tokens that were purchased during Fitrova’s ICO.

All FRV tokens ‘bought back’ will be burned and will be converted into Twilx SEO tokens converting at 1,468 FRV = 1 SEO and thus making each SEO token worth $7.481250 USD at initial listing and equaling $119.7 Million USD in total.

For all holders of FRV that were purchased after ICO via an exchange, these will be able to be swapped for SEO at market rate + 10%. This means that any amount of FRV swapped will automatically be granted an extra 10% bonus. Etc; $500 worth of FRV will be swapped for $550 worth of SEO and will be done through a new integrated FRV/SEO trading pair on the Sistemkoin exchange.

What’s the plan for FRV & SEO tokens?

Fitrova FRV Tokens will still remain listed on current exchanges however the brand takeover has led to a full ‘coin-swap’ that will take place allowing for any FRV tokens held by investors to be ‘swapped’ directly for SEO tokens.

SEO tokens are 100% tied to the Twilx brand as a whole and represent the  business in entirety and because the Fitrova project is now owned by Twilx, means that investors will now hold their shares as part of the whole business entity.

This in return awards investors with a renewed sense of confidence and will provide SEO token holders a much more secure and stable investment as they will actually be holding a stake into the bigger corporation behind Fitrova.

What is the future of Fitrova & Twilx and the plan ahead?

The new acquisition into Twilx will not affect the Fitrova project in any way apart from the token that will be used. The project will still continue along the roadmap that is outlined on the official website and will not differ from the current direction going forward.

The only difference is the token that will be actively used for wallet payments within the Fitrova Fitness Tracker App and this will now be changed to SEO token instead of the previous FRV token.

What Now?

If you were an investor during the Fitrova ICO between the dates of Mar 26th 2018 – April 30th 2018, you are eligible for a full token buyback so please submit your buyback request using this form.

If you have purchased and/or received FRV after ICO via an exchange or by other means, you are guided to swap your FRV tokens to SEO via the FRV/SEO pair on the Sistemkoin exchange.

In Summary

The Fitrova project is still on track to deliver on the outlined roadmap and the new acquisition and rebranding into Twilx will not affect this, however the new token used will be SEO and as such investors have been awarded a full buy-back and coin-swap that should be seen as entirely positive.



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