The Global NFT Challenge Art The Charity Kiss Collection will be Presented on WOW Summit (Dubai)

Place/Date: Dubai - March 15th, 2022 at 7:26 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: WOW Summit

The iconic masterpiece “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt becomes the symbol of charity in the crypto community with the International NFT art challenge Charity Kiss created by Collab Art and RAA.

Top NFT artists all over the world reimagined the “The Kiss” masterpiece. The global idea is to show that NFT art can help people save lives. The project aims to provide aid to orphan disease patients all across the globe via NFT.

The orphan diseases are extremely rare (over 300 mln people) and mostly genetic. The treatment for which is extra-expensive and the research is underdeveloped. About 30% of children die before the age of 5. The project’s mission is to increase the donations via rare NFTs in order to save lives.

The initial drop will feature 8 artworks by 8 international artists in April. The collection will be constantly updated with new artworks. Tokens will be minted on Ethereum blockchain on a custom smart contract built by the Triptych NFT platform . 70% of proceeds from NFTs will go to the Rare Disease Organization,10% – to the artist and 20% – to the maintenance and development of the project and team. The 14% of following artwork resales on the secondary market will also be donated, creating the endless cycle of donations.

The first sneak peek preview of the first 3 Charity Kiss NFT artworks by RUBEN FRO, ALEX METAPOINT, OLEG CHOMP, YUMA YANAGISAVA will be presented at the WOW Summit on March 13th-16th in Dubai. The presentation will take place in META GATE metaverse gallery followed by live interviews with the artists.

The project is designed to be a long-term initiative. After the initial drop, The Charity Kiss will be followed by an open-call art-challenge for digital and NFT artists, inviting them to make their own versions of “The Kiss”. The curated collections will continue to drop in 2022.

The World of Web3 (WOW) Summit organized by GuyWay events will take place at the Burj Park. Its goal is to raise awareness of Web3 technology. WOW Summit will connect global NFT and DeFi leaders with international businesses, government authorities, tech visionaries, investors, and developers, diving deep into the phenomenon of Virtual Realities.

The Charity Kiss project will underline the ability of the blockchain technology to give artists and collectors the unique opportunity in creating and owning art while helping real people.

To learn more about the details of initial drop, art open-call, tokenomics, charity funds and partners please go to the website.

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