Bruce Fenton, Patrick Byrne, Brock Pierce, Bobby Lee Will Speak at TNABC 2016 in Miami

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by Polina Chernykh · 3 min read

This year, the North American Bitcoin Conference is anticipated to include presentations from some of the leading players in the cryptocurrency sector, including Bobby Lee and Bruce Fenton.

The North American Bitcoin Conference 2016 is expected to feature some of the world’s most prominent bitcoin entrepreneurs, including Overstock’s CEO Patrick Byrne and the Bitcoin Foundation’s executive director Bruce Fenton. Among other speakers are such bitcoin advocates as the CEO of BTCC Bobby Lee and the Bitcoin Foundation’s chairman Brock Pierce.

The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) is one of the most important and expected events in the financial sector, which gathers hundreds of attendees representing bitcoin, finance and currency industries. It was first organized in 2012 and attracted only 200 participants, while in 2014 the event was visited by more than 2000 people from all over the world.

“Financial technologies are developing faster today than ever before. The North American Bitcoin Conference is the conference that not only brings you up to speed on the latest innovations, but plugs you directly into the brightest industry minds, preparing you for tomorrow,” TNABC’s website reads.

The conference will be held for the fourth time in Miami, Florida, on January 20-21 at the the James L. Knight center complex.

Moe Levin, the organizer of TNABC, told Bitcoinis he is excited to hear the speeches from Patrick Byrne and Bobby Lee. “I’m looking forward to having Patrick Byrne speaking at the conference. It will be his first time with us, and I’m looking forward to hearing his views on using the blockchain to increase transparency,” he said. “Bobby Lee will be speaking and offers unique and important views about the ecosystem in China and developments in the region,” he added.

Blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin, as well as the virtual currency, are among the key topics to be covered. TNABC will be opened with a presentation from the CEO of Tierion, Wayne Vaughn, who will focus on using blockchain technology for data management. Meantime, the second opening speaker, Joe Colangelo, who serves as Executive Director at Consumer Research, Bretton Woods, will discuss the future of digital currency.

When asked about the convergence of the blockchain and fintech within the past year, Levin answered: “I think it’s a natural convergence that is still maturing. We won’t know if this convergence is working for at least another while, so best is to remain open and collaborative and support projects that lead to fulfilling some of the original promises of bitcoin. I’m most hopeful of some remittance startups using bitcoin as the backend to really make it big in 2016.”

Jerry Brito, the Executive Director of Coin Centre, Eric Larcheveque, the CEO of Ledger and Marco Streng from Genesis Miners will also give their presentations at the conference. J Maurice from Private Internet Access is expected to speak on how to improve your privacy and security online.

TNABC will be sponsored by, Premier Sponsors Private Internet Access, Pillsbury, BSAVE.10 and Genesis Mining.

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