The Rise Of Blockchain Technology Platforms: Dogetti, VeChain and Internet Computer

March 5th, 2023 at 2:14 am UTC · 4 min read

The Rise Of Blockchain Technology Platforms: Dogetti, VeChain and Internet Computer

Technology is advancing and the internet is now in a new era. Blockchain technology is advancing and there are a lot more platforms emerging on the internet. But why is blockchain technology becoming so popular? And why are more businesses making the switch to blockchain technology?

VeChain: The Next Generation of Technology

VeChain or VeChainThor is a public blockchain platform that is designed to be used on a large scale by many companies that require the use of blockchain technology. It is used as somewhat of a foundation for an expandable ecosystem.

VeChain believes that blockchain technology is a building block for the next generation of information technology. This is alongside other forms of new emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, VR and 5G, as well as many more. Vechain also believes that Blockchain technology has characteristics that cannot be tampered with, much like regular IT technology. Regular computers storing data can be easily hacked, however, blockchains cannot be. This will boost the efficiency of information transfer across blockchains, making them more authentic. For instance, email addresses can often be hacked and receive spam, making the information that is carried in emails less reliable.

Nodes are devices that play a part in the larger blockchain network. For nodes to participate in the blockchain consensus, they first must prove they have the authority to do so. Once they do give proof of authority, all nodes can publish new blocks on the chain and gain rewards.

The Rise Of Blockchain Technology Platforms: Dogetti, VeChain and Internet Computer

Internet Computer: The General Purpose Blockchain

Internet Computer is the only general-purpose blockchain that can run decentralized applications at web speeds. Internet Computers believe they can replace traditional IT and launch a new generation of Web3 applications and services that can function entirely off of the blockchain.

The Internet Computer hosts a new variation of powerful smart contracts called ‘Canisters’. Canisters are unable to be tampered with and each canister is self-governed by the individuals or companies running the canisters.

Internet Computer brands itself as an extension of the internet that already exists, the difference is, it allows a global network of computers to provide the computing power for running applications and software.

The Rise Of Blockchain Technology Platforms: Dogetti, VeChain and Internet Computer

Who Let The Dogetti Out?

Dogetti is a new dog meme coin on the market that has made a name for itself for its mafioso-themed family dynamics. Don Eloni Dogetti runs the family, enforcing the importance of community and building generational wealth for the investors he would call ‘extended family members. Dogetti runs on the Ethereum blockchain network and the token is compatible with other currencies on the network. Those who wish to invest in Dogetti can easily swap their tokens without central authority with Dogetti Swap. These are just some of the many benefits of having Dogetti running on a blockchain platform.

That isn’t all though, The Dogetti have many ways in which the extended family members can generate funds. With Dogetti NFTs, unique collectable digital doggy assets, investors can buy and sell Dogetti NFTs easily. Future developments are in play for there to be potential to breed NFT with each other, allowing investors to sell the offspring for crypto or regular fiat currency, entirely their choice. Because of blockchain technology investors are given more freedom to decide what to do with their digital assets.

Don Eloni Dogetti is a generous dog. After all, just because you’re on the roster to become Top Doge in crypto doesn’t mean you can’t give generously. Whenever a purchase is made, two per cent of that transaction is then redistributed into a charity wallet, and family members are allowed to control which charities are supported. Another two per cent is also redistributed to token holders, so investors receive an extra $DETI for simply holding the token in their account. Not only that but using a secret code WISEGUY25 when making a purchase will get buyers 25% extra tokens!

For more information on Dogetti (DETI): Presale, Website, Telegram, Twitter.

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