THRINTEL MARKET Announces Week Long Token Presale, Starting March 12

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THRINTEL MARKET Announces Week Long Token Presale, Starting March 12

Toronto-based Blockchain startup THRINTEL MARKET has announced the details of its upcoming Token Generation Event.

The sharing and distribution of computer threat intelligence is currently ineffective, inefficient, and extremely opaque. The community dependence on a myriad of security vendors has fragmented the distribution of crucial threat information and more often than not, jeopardized the development of solutions to these threats.

Toronto-based Blockchain startup THRINTEL MARKET has announced a unifying platform for the safe and secure exchange of big data and values, and a token sale event to fuel further development.

Following a successful private presale event that brought millions to the company, THRINTEL MARKET launches the public token sale of its SEC Token (SECURE Coin) tomorrow, on March 12th, 2018. The event will run for exactly a week, rewarding contributors generously with a bonus of 37.5% on every contribution they make.

Immutable, Decentralized, and Secure Marketplace for Anonymous Big Data Exchange

THRINTEL MARKET is a highly secured, decentralized, and anonymous threat intelligence exchange network with feedback and community ratings. The network’s ecosystem is driven by a token developed on Ethereum blockchain, SEC Token.

SEC powers the exchange of values and data on the Threat Intelligence Market (THRINTEL MARKET), allowing the ultra-secure and anonymous exchange of big data over the network at blazingly fast speed.

Decentralized Threat Intelligence Database

THRINTEL MARKET’s data-driven ecosystem has been developed on the backbone of a fast, effective, and security-conscious ecosystem that can be assessed from anywhere in the world. The platform offers state-of-the-art threat protection services such as financial models that inhibit bad data injection and Denial of Service protection.

THRINTEL MARKET boosts of an intelligent and immutable database that cannot be altered once information is written unto it. This renders one of the most troublesome attack technique employed by Advanced Persistent Threat Groups, who tend to remove data providing insights into the tools they employed, tactics they utilized, or assets they exploited. With THRINTEL MARKET, this becomes impossible, allowing security analysts and developers to thoroughly analyze not only the threat but also the technique employed.

Lightning Fast Blockchain

Users on The THRINTEL blockchain will enjoy zero data trading fees, Near Real-time Updates, covering new artifacts and feedbacks based on submitted artifacts on an opensource blockchain. The blockchain anonymity features will enable users to freely share data on the network without compromising their privacy or identity. This feature will encourage major corporations to immediately share data without risking to get bad PR.

Security businesses, who decide to make their identity profile, will be ranked based on their accuracy and effectiveness. This ranking system not only enables the network to quantify their contribution to the ecosystem but also positions the business in a better light on the system.

Revenue and Data Generation Through Firewalls and Anti-viruses

Once connected to the THRINTEL MARKET, users devices will be able to convert basic threat signatures to identifiers. In turn, this will lead to the creation of threat actors that are converted to artifacts (Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, and URLs (Domain Names)), with meta-data (time, country, business sector). Whenever these data are utilized by other platform users on the market, the user is compensated.


SEC token holders will be the only ones, who can trade in this new marketplace, which is why the startup has decided to offer its token to the general public. Public presale will start on March, 12, offering 90 000 000 SEC at the rate 1 ETH = 30,000 SEC. The project is hard capped at 3 000 ETH, while minimum contribution makes 0.1 ETH. Given the total tokens issued constitutes 2 000 000 000 SEC, more coins will be airdropped untill the end of the ICO. Contributors will receive up to 37.5% bonus during the event.

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