Bitcoin dot com Breaks 2 Million Wallet Milestone

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Bitcoin dot com Breaks 2 Million Wallet Milestone
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Despite being released only in August 2017, already managed to surpass 2 million downloads of its cryptocurrency wallet.

As users seek out secure and intuitive wallets to store their own Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash, the Bitcoin dot com wallet has seen a rapid increase in popularity, which let it break the 2 million wallet milestone since its release, which took place just 7 months ago. The non-custodial nature of the wallet allows users to handle both Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core, with further features in the works for the platform.

Bitcoin dot com’s owner and CEO Roger Ver spoke excitedly about this achievement, saying:

“Usage of our wallet has doubled in less than three months as demand for Bitcoin Cash continues to grow worldwide. With this, we are seeing an increase in industry support as well as merchant adoption on websites and retail venues. We are working hard to consistently roll out new features and improvements that add to the user experience of the Bitcoin dot com Wallet and improve the Bitcoin ecosystem as much as we can.”

The wallet is available for download by Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Being launched in August 2017, it has already become one of seven wallet providers compatible with Bitpay’s Payment Protocol, making the payment of Bitpay invoices through the Bitcoin dot com wallet simple and easy.

Other features of the wallet, which separate it from the rest of the pack, are Shapeshift integration through the use of the company’s API, multi-signature wallets for added security, and the ability to swap BTC for BCH and vice versa natively, thanks to the Shapeshift API.

Features to come in the near future include debit card top-offs, which will allow users to sell crypto for fiat directly to their debit cards. Bitcoin dot com devs are also looking into BCH-chain colored coin management, since the Bitcoin Cash network may soon be able to create tokens (like other networks such as Ethereum) and Bitcoin dot com wants to stay on the forefront of any technological advances.

While Bitcoin’s price has been depreciating over the last couple of weeks, milestones like this show that price is not the only metric that people should be rely upon – growth in community and emergence of new services are just as much important (if not more) as price’s growth. In addition, expansion of the Bitcoin community and development of new services create a positive feedback loop, which also contributes to demand increase and thus to an increase in price for cryptocurrency as well.

Besides their wallet services, Bitcoin dot com is also a big source of crypto news, covering not only bitcoin-connected ones, but related to crypto developments all around the world as well. Bitcoin dot com also offers a section of guides, tutorials, and FAQ’s for beginners looking to gain knowledge on how to use wallets, or just obtain their first Bitcoin. Mining information, the white paper, and much more other data on price, Satoshi’s Vision conference, and information on Bitcoin Cash are also located on the site.

Another promisimg crypto wallet, which aims to disrupt the space is Bitfoliex. With over 866,000 verified users and growing at a steady pace, it is one of the fastest-growing wallets in the world. They started the project in 2018 and have been steadily growing. Bitfoliex will also soon be incorporating with its exchange any new crypto asset wallets, where people will be able to exchange crypto for other crypto and FIAT money. According to the marketing team, they have exciting new projects and additions to the platform planned for 2020.

An ongoing project linked to Bitfoliex is Traxalt, useful for a more business-like audience. There are a lot of people and businesses wanting to migrate their data and payments to the blockchain that are not sure where to start. Traxalt is the solution: an easy-to-use platform, acting as middleman between businesses and blockchain, reducing 30% in banking and data maintenance costs.

With a strong presence in Europe, Asia, Latin America and many other countries, the mission of Bitfoliex is to bring blockchain technology to the world in a friendly way, removing adoption obstacles and rather enhancing the benefits of efficiency, transparency and accuracy.

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