TikTok Announces New Feature – Text Posts

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TikTok Announces New Feature – Text Posts
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As TikTok unveils the text post tool, the app joins other social media platforms that already have a similar feature.

TikTok has added a new feature – text posts – to its app, allowing content creators to share written content. The ByteDance-owned app continued unveiling new additions, which users find helpful. Before the new text posts feature, TikTok continued to expand and evolve, which has helped the social media company to continue to entertain its audience and keep its user base.

Announcing the text posts, TikTok emphasized that it always wants to empower its creators and community with innovative tools. It added that these innovative tools, like the text posts, broaden users’ options, inspire self-expression, and allow them to share ideas. Now, people have more than the comment section, captions, and texts on videos to share their written content.

TikTok Unveils Text Posts

Introducing text posts as a new way to create, TikTok wrote:

“Creators have been able to make content on TikTok across a variety of formats – from LIVE videos to photos, Duets to Stitch. Text is the latest addition to options for content creation, allowing creators to share their stories, poems, recipes, and other written content on TikTok – giving creators another way to express themselves and making it even easier to create.”

As TikTok unveils the text post tool, the app joins other social media platforms that already have a similar feature. Users of Facebook, Instagram, Threads, Twitter, Threads, and Tumblr have access to the text posts feature.

In addition, TikTok explained that the text posts are easy to navigate and use. The camera page now has more than photo and video options. Users can now choose the “text” option, which directs them to the text creation page to type out the content of their posts. More interestingly, the feature includes adding sound, tagging a location, allowing duets, and enabling comments. Users can also tag other accounts and use relevant hashtags.

Stickers are not let out, as well as background colors. Furthermore, the draft and discard option is also available, as it is in video and photo posts. This takes the text posts beyond the basic written content, making them interactive and dynamic, like video and photo posts.

TikTok rolled out its subscription-based music streaming service last week as part of its continuous expansion. The popular short video app said the music service is now available in Australia, Mexico, and Singapore. The service provider targeted these locations due to their thriving music scene over the past years. Also, TikTok has a broad user base in Mexico, with a massive 62.4 million active users.

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