TimeCoinProtocol Brings Its Native Token TMCN to Mainstream Investors

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TimeCoinProtocol Brings Its Native Token TMCN to Mainstream Investors
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The TimeCoinProtocol’s TMCN token sale is a well-structured one with an accompanying lock-up period.

The TimeCoinProtocol, a blockchain-based decentralized sharing economy platform built atop the Ethereum blockchain is set to expand the reach of its native token with the ticker symbol, “TMCN,” by bringing it to the mainstream market. Per a press release shared with Coinspeaker, the project which brings to the crypto ecosystem unique functionalities and offerings particularly in the growing eSports niche has been backed thus far by its equity investors.

The essence of a crypto or blockchain-based project is to be able to reach a wide range of users across the globe. The team behind the TimeCoinProtocol has realized the limitations of being constrained to its private investors and is offering anyone around the world the chance to be a part of its innovations including the internet gaming revolution they are championing.

TMCN is an asset that promises a good return on investment (ROI). The token was first listed on the Bitforex exchange back on November 11th, 2020, at a price of $0.7. The token received a boost and began trading at a price of $11 shortly after the launch. The coins rose to an all-time high of $8,500 on February 18th, 2021, a valuation that is more than 12,142 times the initial amount it was listed for.

The company has released details of the sale of the TMCN which commenced on February 18th to both retail and institutional investors. The sales are in two stages, with the second ending on the 31st of May, 2021.

The TimeCoinProtocol Native Token Sale Origin and Dynamics

Shenzhen Heleyi Internet Information Consultant Co., Ltd. is one of the early TMCN investors who purchased 10 million tokens out of the possible 100 million. The company has agreed to sell its TMCN holdings to members of the public, drafting TimeCoinProtocol to coordinate the offering.

The TimeCoinProtocol’s TMCN token sale is a well-structured one with an accompanying lock-up period. Interested investors are enjoined to apply for the purchase by filling in a simple form, followed by an email confirmation of the application from the admin of Shenzhen Heleyi,

Upon application for the purchase, the minimum investment amount, quoted as 0.015 BTC, 500 USDT, or 0.3 ETH on the token sale page is expected to be sent, 10 days from the application confirmation date. If no payment is received by Shenzhen Heleyi within 10 days of the purchase application, the order will be automatically canceled.

Based on the applied lock-up period, the tokens will be released in 30 days installments from the ending of the second batch which coincides with May 31st. The company noted it is only 25% of the total holdings that will be released at the end of each thirty-day period. Additional details about the TMCN sales can be found on the TimeCoinProtocol’s sales page.

Proposed Usefulness of the Acquired TMCN Tokens

Acquiring the TMCN tokens is value-packed as the demand around the coin has stirred its growth since inception, a trend that is set to continue into the foreseeable future.

However, the TMCN tokens will be valuable for use when the TimeCoinProtocol finally unveils its proposed dApps including “eSportStars” and “TimeTicket”. While the former is built for eSports enthusiasts and professionals, the latter will help connect people who wish to buy and sell skills and exchange knowledge.

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