Titan Investment: How Tokenization Is Driving Future of Investment

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Titan Investment: How Tokenization Is Driving Future of Investment
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Titan investment has taken tokenization a step further by developing a unique marketplace called Artemos.

The rise of blockchain technology has brought about changes in the financial system with the advent of new financial assets and solutions. Globally, there is increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, moving us closer to a more decentralized economy. 

Even central banks have been forced to join the trend with many of them now developing digital currencies to keep up. However, the major aspect of blockchain technology that will transform investment and the future economy is tokenization. 

Tokenization involves issuing blockchain-based tokens that can be stored, traded, and transferred within the blockchain ecosystem. These tokens offer transparency and proof of value since they are issued on the blockchain and backed by real-world assets.

One of the benefits of tokenization is that any real-world asset can be reproduced on the blockchain. This means that physical properties like buildings, artwork can be tokenized. 

Tokenization also lowers the minimum investment threshold meaning more persons can invest as an asset is divisible by the number of tokens held at a time. 

Titan Investment, a blockchain-based project, is leading the frontier of tokenization in the art industry. 

Low Threshold for Investment Using Ti22 Token

Titan Investment provides a low threshold for investment by tokenizing real-world assets using its native token, Ti22. Each Ti22 token represents a fraction of assets held by the company, and anyone can become an asset owner by holding the token.

Currently, Titan Investment has two priced artworks in its collection, ‘‘Ginger Jar Filled with Chrysanthemums’’ by the legendary Dutch painter Vincent Willem Van Gogh and ‘‘Diana Hunting with Her Nymphs’’ by Flemish 16th century artist Sir Peter Paul Rubens.

The paintings have been tokenized, and anyone can become an owner of the tokens simply by purchasing the Ti22 token. Unlike other popular ethereum-based tokens, Ti22 is an ERC-1400 token that confers ownership rights to assets held in the Titan Investment ecosystem. 

Unique Art Marketplace

Titan investment has taken tokenization a step further by developing a unique marketplace called Artemos. Artemos is a platform where digital art owners can trade and tokenize their assets without limitations. 

Artemos provides an environment where art enthusiasts can issue and list token offerings while connecting to buyers globally. The entire marketplace is fueled by the Ti22, which serves as a utility token. 

Compared to other centralized art houses like Sotheby’s and Christie’s that take up to 25% of the total art sale in transaction fees, Artemos only costs 1-8% and provides advanced security since it’s built on the Ethereum blockchain network. 

To ensure smooth transactions between buyers and sellers, Artemos has integrated a p2p system. If a buyer successfully negotiates with a seller and they agree on a price, the funds are placed in an escrow system until the transaction is completed. 

Once the seller confirms the transaction, a blockchain-based certificate is created by the marketplace with details of the transaction. This certificate serves as proof of authenticity. If the asset is a digital artwork or NFT, it is sent to the buyer while the seller receives payment directly to their wallet address, all within the Artemos platform. 

Backed by Top Industry Stakeholders

Titan investment is backed by AlphaSeed Technology, a leading company in the fintech and crowdfunding space. The Titan Investment team also has experienced members in the art industry and is led by Feras Kiaewe, a renowned business consultant and serial entrepreneur.

Titan investment also has the support of some top firms in the art and financial industry, including Artory, UNIQA, Primetrust, and Equa. To learn more about Titan Investment Limited and its unique art ecosystem, visit the website

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