TitanSwap Launches Indonesia’s Largest Digital Asset Exchange Indodax

November 12th, 2020 at 8:10 am UTC · 2 min read

According to the official announcement of Indodex, Indonesia’s largest digital asset exchange, TitanSwap will officially launch Indodax on the November 12th; while the deposit of TITAN on Indodex starts on November 11th. After going public on Huobi Global, Bithumb Global, and CoinTiger, this public offering of TitanSwap on Indodax, again, marks its great potential and influence in the field of DeFi.

TitanSwap Launches Indonesia's Largest Digital Asset Exchange Indodax

TitanSwap is a liquid mining DEX that supports multi-chain asset swaps. It is a decentralized financial centre that can use an Adaptive Bonding Curve to provide the best liquidity solution according to different asset types. It not only offers a user-friendly decentralized exchange, but also an aggregate liquidity reserve pool that supports multi-chain intelligent routing.

As for Indodax, it is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in Indonesia and even Southeast Asia, with compliance qualifications, high transaction volume, and large number of users. Indodax has been providing corresponding services to other cryptocurrency companies since 2016, and the registered members of the platform have covered nearly two million Indonesians, surpassing that of the Indonesian Stock Exchange.

TitanSwap Launches Indonesia's Largest Digital Asset Exchange Indodax

TitanSwap’s debut in the Indonesian market is undoubtedly an eye-catching event, marking a big step in its global market expansion plan. Moreover, TitanSwap is also actively seeking global strategic partners.

According to official news, TitanSwap and Marlin Protocol have reached a consensus on a strategic partnership. In the future, the two parties will conduct in-depth discussions and cooperation on layer 0 technology. Also, Pantera Capital declared that it is in contact with TitanSwap, wishing to explore new directions for future DEX and DeFi in the near future. Besides, DeFi-X will also cooperate with TitanSwap to empower the blockchain industry in multiple dimensions such as DeFi ecology and financial inclusion, and accelerate the process of structuring digital assets.

At present, TitanSwap continues to broaden its global strategic cooperation, revealing its enthusiasm and determination to find new ways for the development of DEX and DeFi.

TitanSwap always thinks for the users, hoping to create a more complete DeFi ecology and user-friendly platform. Today, when users are king in the market, TitanSwap has become extremely popular. Currently, with TitanSwap launching various exchanges in different countries and multinational cooperation projects, TitanSwap is full of potential.