Token Launches to Watch Out For in 2024

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Token Launches to Watch Out For in 2024
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In this article, you will find some of the token generation events, which are worth your attention in 2024.

The cryptocurrency market has been on a remarkable upward trajectory over the past six-odd months, with this newfound surge in value and interest setting the stage for a new wave of exciting token launches that promise to bring innovative solutions to the market, potentially reshaping various aspects of the blockchain ecosystem. Let’s have a quick look at some of these token generation events (TGE).


Upland – set to witness the launch of its highly anticipated token in 2024 – has transformed the concept of virtual ownership since its 2019 debut. The EOS-based platform has grown from a basic property trading game into a thriving metaverse, boasting over 3 million registered users and 30,000 daily active participants. Upland’s unique selling point lies in its seamless integration of real-world locations with blockchain technology, allowing players to buy, sell, and develop virtual properties mirroring actual real estate.

In fact, the platform’s innovative approach has caught the attention of major sports entities, resulting in partnerships with FIFA and the NFL Players Association. Furthermore, in anticipation of its token launch, Upland has successfully secured a $7 million Series A extension, spearheaded by EOS Network Ventures.

The capital will fuel platform enhancements, amplify marketing initiatives, and pave the way for the introduction of Sparklet, an Ethereum-based token. Sparklet will be intrinsically linked to Spark, Upland’s existing in-game utility token. By extending its presence to the Ethereum network, Upland aims to boost its visibility and liquidity, potentially drawing a broader audience to its virtual real estate ecosystem.

ZNS Connect

With its token generation event  (TGE) scheduled for launch in September 2024, ZNS Connect Name Service (ZNS) is poised to revolutionize the way we interact with the Web3 ecosystem. Operating atop the Zetachain network, ZNS introduces an intuitive and memorable method for identifying and engaging with participants in the web3 space. By offering human-readable names as a replacement for intricate blockchain addresses, ZNS simplifies the process of conducting transactions, interacting with decentralized applications (dApps), and establishing distinct online identities.

This innovation is expected to play a crucial role in making blockchain technology more accessible to the masses, potentially accelerating the adoption of Web3 technologies. As the crypto space continues to grow, services like ZNS Connect can potentially be instrumental in bridging the gap between complex blockchain systems and everyday users, making digital asset management and decentralized interactions more intuitive and user-friendly.

Plena Finance

As the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector has evolved in recent months, Plena Finance has emerged as a standout project, with its highly anticipated token launch scheduled for Q3 2024. Plena’s innovative approach to mobile-first DeFi solutions has garnered significant attention from both investors and users alike.

At the core of Plena’s offering is its multi-chain infrastructure, which harnesses the scalability of networks such as Polygon. This architecture enables swift and efficient transactions, addressing one of the primary pain points in the DeFi space. Moreover, Plena’s emphasis on interoperability allows seamless interaction with the broader DeFi ecosystem, potentially unlocking a myriad of opportunities for its users.

Plena sets itself apart with several groundbreaking features. Perhaps most notably, the platform offers gasless transactions, effectively eliminating a major barrier to entry for newcomers to the DeFi world. In an industry first, Plena also allows users to pay transaction fees using any token of their choice, providing unprecedented flexibility in managing digital assets.

Further enhancing its appeal, Plena promises transaction costs that are 30% lower than traditional methods. This cost-effectiveness, coupled with robust security measures including enhanced wallet features and easy recovery options, positions Plena as a user-friendly gateway to the complex world of DeFi.


Nillion, with its token launch (NIL) set to take place during Q3 2024, is addressing some of the most pressing challenges in handling high-value data. Traditional methods of managing sensitive information often involve complex processes of encryption, decryption, and re-encryption, which can lead to security vulnerabilities and inefficiencies. Nillion tackles these issues head-on by leveraging advanced privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs), including Multi-Party Computation (MPC).

The platform allows users to securely store high-value data on a peer-to-peer network of nodes and enables computations to be executed on masked data without the need for decryption. This approach opens up new possibilities for various industries, including healthcare, finance, and artificial intelligence. Early adopters are already exploring applications such as private predictive LLMs and secure storage solutions for sensitive data like passwords and trading information.


Developed by Animoca Brands, the date for Mocaverse’s token generation event remains under wraps. At its core, Mocaverse presents itself as a revolutionary interoperable infrastructure stack, ambitiously aiming to weave together diverse cultural economies – from sports and gaming to music and digital IPs – into a seamless, interconnected ecosystem.

The project’s cornerstone is its exclusive collection of 8,888 Moca profile picture NFTs, each serving as a key to unlock premium access and rewards within the Mocaverse. Complementing this is the innovative Moca ID system, designed to streamline user interaction with a myriad of decentralized applications.

Central to the ecosystem is the $MOCA token, a multifaceted digital asset serving dual roles as both a utility and governance token – powering a range of functions, including facilitating digital transactions, enhancing gameplay experiences, and enabling asset minting. Moreover, $MOCA holders have the power to shape the platform’s future through participation in the MocaDAO.

Lastly, with a meticulously planned total supply of 8,888,888,888 $MOCA tokens, the project’s tokenomics have been crafted to foster a balanced, sustainable, and ever-expanding ecosystem.

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