Tokenization of a Living Organism Might Become a Reality with APIZ Project

Place/Date: - July 26th, 2022 at 4:20 pm UTC · 5 min read
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Tokenization of a Living Organism Might Become a Reality with APIZ Project
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The company APIZ communicated about the start of an innovative international project which implies the tokenization of an offline agribusiness. APIZ can be considered revolutionaries in their idea to combine the world of blockchain technology and agricultural industry. The founders of the project believe that the joint efforts of two different worlds can take agriculture and beekeeping to the next level.

How It Started

There is a real beekeeping business that is located in five countries of the world: Ukraine, Moldova, Spain, Andorra and Kyrgyzstan. The business implies industrial apiaries in which live from several hundred to a thousand bee colonies and which create delicious honey as the final product. These kinds of apiaries are considered the most cost efficient on the current beekeeping market. The progress of beekeeping stopped around 100 years ago, there is no special Institute which studies bees and their life activity, and because of the above factors it is practically impossible to create a unified beekeeping system. Where other companies see a complex problem, APIZ founders saw the achievable challenge. They decided to develop their own system for apiaries based on the current available assets, such as agricultural industry, husbandry, IT technologies, telemetry and blockchain technology. In fact, nobody before APIZ considered that the agribusiness and blockchain might be fused together to improve each other’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Who Are the Founders

Igor Ganya began his entrepreneurship in China 15 years ago, with a budget of $5000. Today he is the founder of several businesses in the winemaking, agriculture, crypto mining, restaurants, business relations domains and a successful leader of more than 400 employees. Currently he believes in the prospects of beekeeping and that is why all forces are thrown into its development.

Daniil Mosco was always passionate by IT sphere, a lot of years ago as an enthusiast he was engaged in bringing joy to thousands of players, setting up game servers for the most popular games at that time, forming a team, creating efficient web solutions, which today led him to his own IT company, located in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. He is leading almost a hundred of talented employees, including web designers, developers, marketers and SEO specialists. His company is offering efficient web solutions, mobile applications, and security services to both small companies and big enterprises.

Economics of the Project

Since our project was one of the first to decide to create a crypto coin based on a successful offline business, we see a number of advantages of such a development model. After the launch and sale of our coin, 70% of the proceeds will be reinvested back into our offline business. That is, in fact, by buying our tokens you are helping to develop a real business and real industrial apiaries. These investments will be spent on the development of new lands, the creation of new hives and apiaries, the improvement of conditions for bee colonies, the training of beekeepers, the creation of a monitoring and accounting system, which in the future will play a very important role in the telemetry of beehives. The remaining 30% will go towards the development of a coin based on blockchain technology.

Today at our apiaries we already achieved a profit of $0,025 from one bee during the year, compared to average of $0,017 on the market. And after implementation of our 10 years strategy, the profit from one bee during the year will achieve $0,15.


The most important long term target of the project is to make our own system on 1 million beehives and tokenize each bee from our hive. One bee will be equal to one APIZ token. Considering that there are around 50,000 of bees in one hive, the total number of tokens we plan to release is equal to 1,000,000 * 50,000, so we will issue 50,000,000,000 tokens.

At the time of launch, all tokens will be frozen and the defrosting system will be prescribed in the smart contract. It will be totally based on the annual economic reporting of our company which will be reflected in our balance sheet, together with the quantity of hives at our apiaries at the end of the active beekeeping season (end of October). It means that the quantity of bee colonies at the enterprise and multiplied by the number of the average number bees in one hive, of 50,000, will be defrosted.

We are also happy to encourage our investors and can already indicate some of the benefits that will be available when buying a certain number of tokens. Owners of 50,000 tokens will become owners of a virtual hive, get access to hive telemetry and annual income of 7% based on the average income from one company hive, paid in APIZ tokens. Owners of 2,500,000 tokens will become owners of a virtual apiary, will also get access to hive telemetry and a possibility to visit the real apiaries locations, and annual income of 10% based on the average income from one company hive, paid in APIZ tokens.

What Are the Guarantees

Usually, when investing in a startup you have to assume a risk and the possibility of losing your investments, but this is not the case. APIZ company is a real operating business, which pays salaries and taxes and is supported by governments. This can be considered the best and reliable guarantor, because investing in cryptocurrency you support an offline enterprise, the further development of which will positively influence the rise of the coin price.

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