Participate in Tomi’s Presale Rounds through Tomi Heroes NFTs, Over 260 ETH Worth of TOMI to Be Burned

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Participate in Tomi’s Presale Rounds through Tomi Heroes NFTs, Over 260 ETH Worth of TOMI to Be Burned
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Picking up one of the Tomi Heroes NFTs is crucial for anyone looking to participate in the upcoming TOMI token sale.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain projects often come up with innovative ways to generate a buzz. For Tomi, participation in the token presale requires holding a limited-edition Tomi Heroes NFT. The team will use all proceeds from the NFTs to buy back TOMI, which will be burned to reduce the total supply.

Tomi Takes an Innovative Approach

The use of non-fungible token technology can lead to many peculiar use cases. For example, it is a great way to create and distribute digital art or collectibles. However, every NFT can offer other benefits that transcend these traditional concepts. For the Tomi team, it is a tool to ensure token presale participation without relying on a raffle-based system to determine eligibility.

Moreover, the team commits to not using the proceeds from these NFT sales for personal gain or funding future development. Instead, the proceeds will be used to buy back TOMI tokens from the open market, only to destroy them permanently afterward. A novel way of reducing the token’s total supply while incentivizing NFT participation for the Tomi Heroes collection.

So far, there has been tremendous interest in this collection of NFTs. Tomi Heroes consists of multiple non-fungible tokens, all of which will grant access to the TOMI presale. However, there will be five presale rounds corresponding to a particular NFT in the Tomi heroes collection. So, for example, acquiring the first generation grants access to round 1 of the presale, and so forth.

Every Tomi Heroes NFT is a limited edition; thus, time is of the essence. However, cryptocurrency enthusiasts show a keen interest in the NFTs due to rarity and the presale participation rights. Additionally, multiple influencers have gotten on board, as they see merit in this benefit-based approach to NFTs. Over 260 ETH has been raised through the Tomi Heroes collection so far, confirming the demand for the team’s approach using NFT technology.

The Tomi Heroes NFT Collection

The first NFT in the Tomi heroes collection is DAWN RISING, priced at 0.1271 ETH. Unfortunately, those are no longer available, as the round sold out very quickly. People who want to participate in the TOMI presale can still grab the Round 2 GLITCH GLOW NFT – for 0.1144 ETH – or Round 3’s Crunch Numbah – for 0.1017 ETH. Currently, both options have very limited qualities still available at this time. Round 4’s NFT will launch on September 21st. The best way to acquire these NFTs is through the Tomi website.

Moreover, the Tomi Heroes NFTs are tradeable through OpenSea, the premier marketplace for non-fungible tokens. Picking up an NFT from a third-party source before the token presale seems nearly impossible. Thus, there is no incentive for current Tomi Heroes owners to sell their NFT unless a very lucrative offer comes in. Even so, it is likely there will be a secondary market for the non-fungible tokens, as they still make for good collectibles.

The floor price for these NFTs remains the same as the price at which they were bought. That means there is no discount or bargain to speak of. Moreover, the overall trading volume of 260 ETH to date is rather impressive. It is higher than a fair few other NFT collections that do not offer any utility, such as access to a token presale.

Tapping Into a Solid Blockchain

While many token sales occur on Ethereum, Tomi decided to take a different approach. Rather than worrying about high fees and network congestion, they run the sale on the Polygon network. Additionally, TOMI will be up for grabs through the SushiSwap platform, one DEX going beyond the Ethereum blockchain to provide a viable service to traders and investors.

Picking up one of the Tomi Heroes NFTs is crucial for anyone looking to participate in the upcoming TOMI token sale. There are five presale rounds, but time is running out to be eligible for rounds two and three. Time moves fast in this industry, and every token presale round lasts for just 30 minutes.

Make sure you pick up a Tomi Heroes NFT to participate in the upcoming TOMI token presale rounds!

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