Top Five Reasons to Attend Hyperledger Global Forum

September 26th, 2018 at 9:58 pm UTC · 3 min read

With business and technical tracks filled with a diverse range of speakers – from Kiva to the Royal Bank of Canada and from Oracle to the Sovrin Foundation – there’s plenty of educating and engaging content for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge about enterprise blockchain. However, there are many other great reasons to make sure Hyperledger Global Forum is on your calendar for December 12-15, 2018. Here are five things that make this a must-attend event:


The fast-growing Hyperledger community is putting blockchain to work with PoCs and production deployments around the world. Hyperledger Global Forum is your chance to see live demos and roadmaps showing how the biggest names in financial services, healthcare, supply chain and more are integrating Hyperledger technologies for commercial, production deployments.


With 100 technical and business leaders taking that stage at Hyperledger Global Forum, there will be no shortage of information at the show. But the formal talks and technical sessions are just the starting point for hearing from experts. Blockchain technology is developing quickly and Hyperledger’s framework and tools are community built, so expect every conversation to be an opportunity to learn.


At its core, Hyperledger is a global community built on the belief you can do more to advance blockchain technologies by working together than by working in isolation.

Hyperledger Global Forum is the first worldwide meeting of those invested in or intrigued by this community-based approach, so making connections, getting involved and sharing resources will be top of mind for everyone there. There’s no better way place to become part of the global team.


A robust line-up of tutorials and workshops means hands-on learning in how to install, contribute to, and build products and services on top of Hyperledger open source business blockchain frameworks.


Basel, the culture capital of Switzerland and home to numerous art galleries and the highest concentration of museums in the country, makes a great backdrop to this truly international event. Take your networking off the show floor with dinner and a walk through the history of automobile cars from 1901 to 2009 at the conference party on December 12 at Basel Pantheon.

Make sure to take time to indulge in some raclette or cheese fondue, both Swiss specialties. Or enjoy a glass of mulled wine while strolling through the Christmas market, one of the most beautiful and largest in the country. (Attendees will receive a guest card that provides free use of public transportation and a 50% discount on admission to all of Basel’s museums.)


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