Top Gainers of the Week: Flow, Everlodge and Near Protocol Sustain Bullish Momentum

December 28th, 2023 at 1:09 pm UTC · 4 min read

Top Gainers of the Week: Flow, Everlodge and Near Protocol Sustain Bullish Momentum

/Everlodge/ – Following significant fluctuations earlier in the week, the crypto market is gradually regaining momentum with several cryptocurrencies experiencing substantial increases in recent days. Notable gainers this week include Flow, Everlodge, and Near Protocol, with the latter recording remarkable gains of up to 54%. So what has been responsible for this surge in price across the board, and could this bullish sentiment be sustained into the upcoming year?

Flow Maintains a Bullish Momentum Ahead of its Next Event – Flow Ecosystem 2023 Roundup & 2024 Town Hall

As the year draws to a close, attention is shifting towards the upcoming year. In anticipation, Flow protocol is preparing for its annual event, dedicated to reflecting on the milestones achieved in the current year and outlining the objectives for the year ahead.

As the highly anticipated event approaches, scheduled to take place partially today and in January 2024, the Flow token has been experiencing a consistent surge over the past few days. The positive momentum suggests the potential for the token to maintain its upward trajectory for an extended period leading up to 2024.

Currently, FLOW price is hovering around $0.9 with expectations to reach the $1 threshold during the ongoing bull run. At its current price, the Flow token has already demonstrated an 8.4% increase in the past 24 hours and a significant 15.2% increase over the last 7 days. If the current bullish trend continues, it is likely that the cryptocurrency will once again reach the $1 mark.

Everlodge Gains Investors’ Attention as It Disrupts Real Estate Sector with Innovative Property Ownership Solutions

The real estate sector has one of the hardest to penetrate especially as a low income earner. Often, people are required to have a substantial amount of money or a source of income that can guarantee the same to be able to invest in this sector. However, Everlodge has taken it upon itself to change the narrative as well as the dynamics associated with the conventional Real estate business model.

Particularly, Everlodge wants everyone, regardless of financial status, to have access and own a part of their dream vacation home or other luxurious properties of choice. Similar to AirBnB online marketplace for homestays and holidays, the exception here is that you can pay to become a fractional owner of the property and even get a discount when you go visiting.

Everlodge’s decentralized business model is built on blockchain technology, serving as the foundation for its smart contracts, timeshare and NFT technology; these integration enables fractional ownership through a tokenization mechanism. Essentially, when a property is uploaded on the marketplace, it is tokenized into an NFT and divided into multiple fractions from which individuals can purchase for far lesser amounts.

Another intriguing thing about this project is that it eliminates the typical paperworks associated with conventional property acquisition. In its own case, Everlodge stores all the ownership details, deeds and paperwork are stored into a smart contract which validates property ownership within the marketplace, thus making property acquisition pocket-friendly.

The ELDG token which serves as the native asset of the Everlodge property marketplace doubles as both the utility and governance token within the ecosystem. Notably, members can make use of the token in purchasing fractional NFTs as well as stake it in the ecosystem’s liquidity pool for optimized profit among other benefits.

Currently available at $0.027 during its ongoing stage 8 presale, the $ELDG token presents an intriguing opportunity for those eager to invest in the future of real estate.

Near Protocol Sustain Bullish Momentum, Records 53% Increase in 7 Days

Near Protocol has demonstrated an impressive performance throughout the year, as evidenced by the significant surge in the price of its native asset, NEAR, which has experienced an increase of over 50% in the last 7 days alone.

Moreso, during the midday trading period, the cryptocurrency reached its pinnacle for the year, touching $3.49. Although currently trading at approximately $3.42, it signifies a daily gain of over 17%.

As of the time of writing, NEAR protocol holds the 25th position on the list of top-performing cryptocurrencies based on market capitalization, boasting a total value of $3.4 billion. Additionally, it has achieved a 24-hour trading volume of over $886 million, representing a notable increase of about 44%.

Looking ahead, Near Protocol, along with Everlodge and Flow, has showcased substantial growth. Their recent surge serves as a testament to their exceptional performance, resilient to market fluctuations. Consequently, these cryptocurrency assets emerge as noteworthy considerations for those seeking the best crypto investments leading up to 2024.

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