TQ Tezos and DMA United Launch Curated Digital Art Platform and NFT Marketplace

April 27th, 2021 at 1:30 pm UTC · 7 min read

TRUESY is a platform at the pulse of culture, built to host work from fine artists, iconic figures, unique brands, designers, elite athletes, musicians, and entertainers at the intersection of art and culture who want to create their own unique Non-Fungible Token (NFT) experience.

Enter TRUESY – an authentic space to showcase iconic and boundary-pushing works in a meticulously curated, elegantly designed and personalized digital gallery.

TRUESY marks the maturation of the NFT space and gives a glimpse of what’s next. Artists and brands will be able to share unique and VIP experiences with consumers, build ‘proof of fandom’ activations, and grant exclusive access to new merchandise. TRUESY will redefine curation and access to various luxury brands by featuring culturally significant personalities and brands at the intersection of fashion, art, music, sports, technology, and human rights. Furthermore, TRUESY is humbled to support the legacy of iconic figures like Nelson Mandela by working with the House of Mandela – the estate of Nelson Mandela currently operated by his daughter (Maki Mandela) and grandchildren (Tukwini and Kweku Mandela).

BUA painter said:

“As a traditional painter, in the past I’ve had an incredible resistance to the digital paint world but realized over the years painting digitally is the same thing! As one of my great professors once said, ‘There are no rules, just tools’ NFTs are another canvas of exploration to articulate my vision to the motherfucking world.”

Imran Potato explained:

“Consumers want to experience creations that push boundaries. I’ve spent my entire life trying to push those boundaries. NFTs give creators the opportunity, and digital platforms like this give us the space to engage with people in new ways. I think NFTs will be around forever.”

Designer Greg Yuna said:

“As an artist and jeweler, people trust me with creating pieces that enable them to express themselves on their personal canvas. I am very excited about this platform as NFTs are a new space and medium where my work can exist and be enjoyed in an entirely new way.”

TRUESY will launch one artist collection, exclusively, per week, including:

  • Greg Yuna: a jeweler to artists and celebrities including Hailey Bieber, Michael B. Jordan, and Floyd Mayweather. Greg is pushing the boundaries of what is art by taking beautiful creations from around the neck to on the wall – and now to NFTs, alongside his creative partner Rachel Goatley.
  • BUA: one of the most important painters of our era. He is revered as the first artist to paint the narrative of hip-hop culture in a traditional format, the ‘DJ’ being one of the best selling prints of all time -13 million worldwide. He has served on the United States Stamp Committee, won the NAACP image award in 2012, and was a visionary for EA sports NBA and NFL Street’s monumental franchise.
  • Imran Potato: a pioneer in modern streetwear and youth fashion culture. He makes original and bootleg gear for stars like Billie Eilish and Bad Bunny. His warped approach on clothing and product is now coming in the form of NFTs which will launch alongside some of his highly coveted wearables.
  • Victor Cruz: a Super Bowl Champion, fashion tastemaker, and a present-day TV host. Victor is respected and recognized in an array of forward trending communities, all of which he can’t wait to bridge into the NFT world with authentic and one of a kind curated pieces.
  • Room Service International: Room Service International (RSI) is a community-action organization whose mission is to live a life of service. Through music, events, partnerships – and now through curated digital goods – RSI carries out philanthropic initiatives and activations that support underserved communities around the world.
  • Jahlil Nzinga: an amazing creative moving seamlessly from one career to another bringing fearless vision and unparalleled creativity to the edge of any arena he chooses to enter.
  • American Dream Magazine: the first NFT-native publication, American Dream Magazine redefines what it means to be American through direct and interactive stories nationwide, small town to big city, with charming absurdism and candid humor.
  • Casey Spooner: an artist whose work moves fluidly between music, film, photography, performance, and design. For 30 years Spooner’s work has intuitively anticipated cultural shifts and had a hand in defining the intersection of art, spectacle, and entertainment.

TRUESY has several unique attributes:

  • Curation: The artists, brands, and personalities that appear on TRUESY will be carefully selected in order to maintain the highest creative standards, as well as to resonate with art lovers, fans, and cultivated consumers who are seeking special items to add to their collections.
  • Personalization: In support of every artist’s unique voice, TRUESY gives each artist a dedicated and personalized gallery page, respecting their creative vision, messaging, and branding.
  • Intuitive: TRUESY introduces a revolutionary user experience for NFT marketplaces. An intuitive and simplified login and account set-up, mobile compatibility, and the acceptance of credit cards will allow TRUESY to cater to various audiences, including those not yet in the crypto world – with no crypto experience or cryptocurrency required to participate in the TRUESY experience.
  • Eco-Friendliness: Built on Tezos, an energy-efficient proof of stake blockchain, NFTs on TRUESY require roughly 6 orders of magnitude (about 2,000,000x) less energy than other platforms.
  • Dynamic, Unlockable, Redeemable: TRUESY enables exciting new forms of digital art, evolving with the issuer’s conditions and designs and ranging from unlockable hidden content to dynamic NFTs in 3D and AR. Redeemable TRUESY NFTs provide exclusive access to merch drops, special events, services, and experiences.
  • Future-Proof: TRUESY is built on Tezos, one of the original and most mature proof of stake blockchains. As an open-source platform, Tezos is upgradeable through it’s proven and robust on-chain governance mechanism that enables it to continuously and seamlessly add new features. Having undergone five seamless upgrades, Tezos’ upgradability has allowed it to both remain state of the art and unparalleled in the space in terms of technological evolution.

DMA United & TQ Tezos Partnership

The result of a collaboration between TQ Tezos and DMA United, TRUESY is the culmination of both partners’ passion for immersive creative experiences and individual expertise with leading brands, iconic personalities, and blockchain technology. DMA United’s Poly-Cultural Platform positions us at the center of fashion, art, music, sports, and entertainment. DMA United’s clients include Tom Ford, Karl Lagerfeld, NBA, Warner Brothers Entertainment, Sony Music, and Nelson Mandela. TQ Tezos supports and incubates projects building on the Tezos protocol, such as the curated NFT marketplace TRUESY and game design and production studio InterPop. Together, DMA United and TQ Tezos bring best-in-class practices and understanding of NFTs, while leveraging cultural curation and resonance of exceptional talent and brands.

Marc Beckman, TRUESY Co-Founder (DMA United, Founder & CEO), affirms:

“TRUESY’s long-term community-oriented vision starts with superior style & design, and establishes a deeper cross-cultural discussion between artists and their fans worldwide.”

Alison Mangiero, TRUESY Co-Founder (TQ Tezos, Founder & President), said:

“TRUESY reimagines what NFT platforms can and should be: authentic, curated, sustainable spaces that enable special interactions between creators, fans, and collectors. We are excited to help bring that vision to life.”

About DMA United

DMA United is an Award Winning Advertising & Representation Agency. DMA United’s Poly-Cultural Platform sits at the center of superior style & design and extends into fashion, art, music, sports, and entertainment.  A sampling of DMA United’s clients include Karl Lagerfeld, Pepsi, Warner Brothers Entertainment, and Sony Music. A few notable verticals built by the agency include NBA x The Kooples, MLB Assembly, Zappos Luxury, Taylor Swift & Sony, Numero Russia, and Russell Westbrook x Barneys New York.  The agency’s founders, Marc Beckman and Sam Sohaili have a deep fascination with the triangular intersection of original content, commerce, and community.

About TQ Tezos

TQ Tezos is a technology company specialized in the Tezos blockchain. It incubates new ventures and builds products, open source software, and other public goods for the Tezos ecosystem.

About Tezos

Tezos is smart money, redefining what it means to hold and exchange value in a digitally connected world. A self-upgradable blockchain with a proven track record, Tezos seamlessly adopts tomorrow’s innovations without network disruptions today.


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