Transparent Sports Betting on the Blockchain Technology

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Transparent Sports Betting on the Blockchain Technology
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Also known as token generation events (TGEs), initial coin offerings (ICOs) are disrupting the traditional investment ecosystem.

Early seed fundraising has been completely changed by blockchain technology. Through an ICO, businesses and startups raise the capital they need by issuing tokens.

Crypto tokens are tradable and fungible. At a first glimpse, they may look like cryptocurrencies, but their uniqueness is driven by what they represent. There are two popular types of tokens used by ICOs – utility and equity tokens. Utility tokens, or app coins, provide future access to products or services. It is an opportunity for a business to raise capital, and use the funds to develop a blockchain-based project.

The Right Choice of ICO May be the Key to Wealth

The term ICO has been on the lips of all investors and entrepreneurs throughout 2017. On the one hand, it is a lucrative ways for innovative companies to raise capital. On the other hand, because ICOs are blockchain-based, there’s risk involved. Choosing the right ICO could be the key to future wealth.

There have been record-breaking ICOs that have proven blockchain technology can disrupt traditional business models. Prior to investing, learn to recognize the traits of a potentially profitably ICO. Investors should spend time getting to know the team behind the ICO, as well as the nature of the business, mission, and vision.

As far as concept is concerned, ICOs with valuable, unique offerings are among the most chased. Understanding the target market is yet another critical element to keep an eye on. The ICO (company per se), its technology and product/service offered must have a well-defined target market.

ICOs are often subjected to regulatory and market pressures from their target industries. It pays to know the environment because it will be easier to recognize both opportunities and challenges.

From an investor’s perspective, choosing the right ICO could lead to massive future returns. The secret to investing safely is to understand the market, the company, and their solutions to a problem.

How to Choose and Invest in an ICO

The crypto market is saturated with ICOs in all industries. Gambling is a niche that’s spreading fast. However, sports betting is an untapped sub-niche. An ICO with a vision and a bulletproof business model could disrupt the way people bet on sport.

The core benefit of a sports betting ICO is that blockchain ensures full transparency and verifiability due to smart contract technology. A new player in this crypto-pool of ICOs could convince avid players to look beyond conventional online betting

Betting Platform that Uses Decentralized Smart Contracts

XWIN, a fully transparent betting and sports platform that leverages decentralized smart contracts on Ethereum could redefine the gambling industry as we know it. Players want privacy, secure and guaranteed access to betting events; and investors want to earn a good income from bookmaking. This is where XWIN comes in.

Buying XWIN tokens is easy and accessible, and participating in the XWIN ICO gives investors a unique opportunity to partake in the development of a crypto-bookmaker platform that awards investors 20% of its profit margin.

Entering a new market early in the process is fundamental because it gives investors an advantage. It leads to lucrative commissions, which is a privilege aimed at the pioneers. The XWIN ICO operates on a smart contract base on the Ethereum blockchain to ensure transparency, sustainability, safe transactions, 24/7 investment control, and streamlined investment potential.

XWIN abides by an economic business model. Bookmaker business has huge income potential. XWIN’s margins are between 6% and 20% per bet. The margin is remotely controlled after being transferred to the XWin smart contract account. The distribution of the margin is as following:

  • 25% guarantee fund (player payments)
  • 35% PR, marketing & advertising
  • 20% administration & maintenance
  • 20% income distribution between investors

The XWin open sale of XWin tokens has already started, and will last until January 30, 2018. The pre-ICO finishes on December 31, 2017. Afterwards, the ICO will start on January 1, 2018 and will last until January 30, 2018. XWin tokens are available to investors throughout the platform’s development phase. The cost per token is 0.003 ETH.

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