Triwer to Eliminate Inefficiencies in Cargo Delivery, While Aiming to Reduce its Carbon Footprint

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Triwer to Eliminate Inefficiencies in Cargo Delivery, While Aiming to Reduce its Carbon Footprint
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Revolutionary blockchain-based parcel delivery platform Triwer attempts to allow e-commerce gain considerable ground whilst removing some of the environmental concerns surrounding it.

The global e-commerce revolution is firmly establishing its foothold. Big players like Amazon have been operating in the industry for nearly a quarter of a century but even so e-commerce only constitutes 11.9 percent of global retail. The potential for growth is present. It is perhaps time for e-commerce 2.0, which will unleash an era of deeper penetration and higher engagement with customers.

Global shipping logistics and e-commerce have a deep relationship and the spurt in e-commerce has certainly fueled growth in logistics and vice-versa. Explaining the importance of quality shipping Sean Wilcox writes in the Supply and Demand Chain Executive:

“SCM, shipping and delivery have become a critical part of the overall e-commerce customer experience. The ability to ensure that you are providing your customers with the best possible shipping experience in a cost-effective fashion requires developing, executing, monitoring and adjusting a shipping strategy based on your specific customers and markets, and your unique capabilities as a company.”

E-commerce 2.0 Meets Shipping 2.0

Triwer is a revolutionary parcel delivery platform that goes beyond just delivering parcels. It has incorporated blockchain technology and has been built from the ground up to deliver efficiencies and economies that protect the environment and give more control to the stakeholders in the system. The platform utilizes the Triwer token (TRW), which acts as the transactional token in the logistics and delivery ecosystem. The Triwer platform was designed with the needs of the modern e-commerce industry at the forefront while keeping in mind the existing inefficiencies and bottlenecks present in the Courier Express Parcel Market (CEPM). Triwer strives to remove these. The system they have developed helps anyone with a mobile phone, a tablet or any other device to manage their shipping with ease.

Tech Behind Triwer

Delivering efficiencies in an inefficient market does not happen unless the rules of the game are rewritten. This means doing things in a new way using new technology. Triwer utilizes the Ethereum blockchain and fully leverages the smart contracts technology to help coordinate between shipper, carrier and the receiver. They also use a sidechain for intermediate transactions to provide tracking and storage of content and pricing data. This strategy helps in lowering costs as well as providing an additional layer of privacy. According to the project’s whitepaper, the TRW token has a crucial role to play in the process as it is used by shippers to initiate the contract which is only completed when the receiver verifies the delivery is complete. In a way, the system works as a shipping escrow service. In addition to the blockchain, Triwer has also taken different approaches with respect to the last mile issue. Crowd delivery services allow Triwer to utilize their network of subcontractors to offer a variety of delivery options to customers. Benefits will be harnessed by the project as they plan to share spare capacity and utilize resources that are making a similar journey. This is likely to lead to a reduction in emissions and better environmental outcomes.

Customer Is The King

At the moment the e-commerce scene is such that it is easy to order products but it is difficult to receive them. Scheduled deliveries are inconvenient to arrange and may not even exist in certain segments. Triwer will put the receiver in charge of the delivery and remove the grey areas present in the CEPM arena. Customers will be able to choose when they receive their package and how quickly they want it. They would be able to track the parcel every step of the way until it is delivered to them. Furthermore they would be able to gauge the footprint of their delivery and choose the level of environmental impact that is acceptable to them. Triwer will be able to utilize professional drivers who will provide a quality service, while customers will also be able to choose from other means of delivery such as drone, electric delivery vehicle or robot.

Triwer ICO Details

Triwer starts its journey in Europe, where capturing of just 1 percent of the market would mean for Triwer generation of no less than € 37.5 mln revenue. The project has a revenue model that is based on generating funds through sales commissions, block discounts from carriers, harnessing efficiencies brought on by using blockchain, crowd delivery and through economies of scale.

The project is currently holding a crowdsale in which they are selling 375 mln TRW tokens, the cost of each is US$ 0.08. There is a discount of 15-25% available during the tokensale, which will last until June 30, 2018. Triwer is an opportunity for investors to change the rules of the e-commerce business and usher in a cleaner and greener era.

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