Angel Investor and BnkToTheFuture CEO Simon Dixon Joins ASKfm 2.0 Token Sale Advisory Team

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by Alexandra Sayapina · 3 min read
Angel Investor and BnkToTheFuture CEO Simon Dixon Joins ASKfm 2.0 Token Sale Advisory Team
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The world’s biggest Q&A social network is getting ready for the ICO. The important addition to the ASKfm team is the leading crypto expert and co-founder of a global online investment platform.

The concept of ICO is relatively young: the fist token sale was held 5 years ago. Today a moneyed ICO requires more than a good project. Experience, business connections and deep understanding of the sphere are the essential components of success.

ASKfm, the Q&A platform that has already attracted more than 215 million users and has decided to go blockchain, is a company that always wants to get the best results possible. The upcoming ICO has inspired the creation of token sale advisory team - and the first member is Simon Dixon, the CEO & co-founder of online investment platform BnkToTheFuture.

Simon Dixon is a big player in the crypto industry. He used to be an investment banker but later switched the focus of interest to the blockchain sphere – and this decision definitely paid off. Today Simon is one of the leading experts in the sphere. The overall investments of the BnkToTheFuture platform exceed $320 million. Simon is not only a founder of an investment platform – he is an angel investor himself. He has already supported such companies as Bitfinex, BitPay and Unocoin; Simon has already invested in over 100 companies.

The name of Simon Dixon must feel familiar to the crypto enthusiasts as he often appears in media. BBC, CNBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal value Simon as a specialist in the crypto sphere. One more achievement of mr. Dixon is his book ‘Bank to the Future’. That is not just a good book that worth reading if one is interested in cryptocurrencies – that is the first officially published book to discuss the phenomenon of Bitcoin and its future.

Simon Dixon feels enthusiastic about the future of ASKfm 2.0 as the project is constantly developing. He is a treasured part of the team as Simon’s participation is more than just sharing his experience and helping to choose the future direction of the platform. The fact of Simon Dixon being a part of AKSfm’s token sale advisory team is massively increasing its reputational capital. His name and support attract the attention of crypto and fintech investors.

Simon Dixon uncovered some of his plans: “With more than 215 million users using ASKfm and already ranked as a top-10 social network, I was excited to hear about their next move to incorporate Blockchain and rewards into their Q&A network. I look forward to introducing veteran contacts from the Bitcoin and Blockchain industry to ASKfm 2.0 and assisting them launch their token to our network of over 60,000 crypto investors on”

ASKfm is a perfect example of a company that has achieved great results – and decided to go further. The first version of ASKfm became a globally recognizable Q&A platform operating in 168 countries. Its new blockchain-based implementation is not only getting new technological basis – it is broadening its horizons and  pays special attention to the educational aspect.

The AKSfm 2.0 platform is ready to surprise its users. It goes without saying that the platform is developing progressive technological solutions – but the marketing team of ASKfm 2.0 deserves special mentioning. They have already made ASKfm tokens the ‘highest’ token on the Earth as a ledger with approximately $50,000 in ASKT is now somewhere on top of Everest. No doubt such a talented team will find a way to make the ASKfm 2.0 ICO unforgettable.

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