Tron Set to Dethrone Ethereum Reaching 1M User Accounts in Six Months from Launch

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Tron Set to Dethrone Ethereum Reaching 1M User Accounts in Six Months from Launch
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Comparing the speed of TRON’s and Ethereum’s development, TRON’s CEO predicts the collapse of Ethereum and a ‘slow implosion’ of the TRON token.

At the end of the expiring year, TRON, blockchain protocol that aims to construct a worldwide free content entertainment system with the blockchain and distributed storage technology, surprised its users to the upside. The digital asset has added 1 million registered users in only six months after it was launched as an altcoin. The news was revealed on December 24, when Misha Lederman, co-founder of the cryptocurrency’s spin-off project, published some statistics on his Twitter account.

TRON is a blockchain protocol that allows users to freely publish, store and own data. TRON works in the same way that other content networks work” creators produce content and consumers purchase it. TRON decides the distribution, subscription, and push of contents in the decentralized autonomous form.

The TRON token was launched in June of this year but has quickly gained popularity. As the statistics provided by the TRON team show,  just within six-month TRON managed to get to 1 million users.

The speed at which TRON’s activity is conducted is very high. In comparison, it took about eighteen months for Ethereum to get to 1 million users.

By the way, Ethereum is seen as the main TRON’s rival by CEO Justin Sun, who is known for his not very friendly relations with one of the co-founders of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin. Both the Tron and Ethereum founders are throwing at each other, with Justin Sun urging developers in the Ethereum blockchain that is almost losing out their investment due to the downtrend in Ethereum price to migrate to Tron blockchain.

As the crypto industry has been experiencing hard times lately, Sun is expecting to see a full collapse of ETH and EOS platforms, that’s why he even offered his assistance to rescue Ethereum and EOS developers from the collapse. He has offered them an opportunity to migrate to the Tron network and has promised to create a fund for helping them.

‘Slow Implosion’ of TRON is Expected

According to Justin Sun, TRON is looking to be the go-to platform for developers who want to create decentralized applications (known as DApps). This week, Sun predicted a “slow implosion” for the altcoin.

TRON’s current price makes up $0.02 per coin. Over the period of last seven days, TRON has shown strong and steady growth. The coin has seen an increase of 22.21%, while its main competor Ethereum dropped about 12.6% in value during the same period.

Recently, TRON announced the launch of a $100 million blockchain gaming fund, which is part of TRON’s long-term commitment to develop and grow the blockchain industry. Named “TRON Arcade,” the fund is designed to empower developers to create and develop blockchain-based games. For the next three years, it will focus on funding $100 million on various projects.

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