Trust Wallet Introduces New Smart Contract Wallet SWIFT For Easy Web3 Access

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Trust Wallet Introduces New Smart Contract Wallet SWIFT For Easy Web3 Access
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Trust Wallet SWIFT is establishing a fresh benchmark for Smart Contract wallets, placing a premium on user experience and security from the outset.

In a major announcement on February 19, the popular Trust Wallet introduced a new smart contract wallet dubbed the Trust Wallet SWIFT. Currently, this is a beta launch of SWIFT, and the public rollout started yesterday. The full availability of the wallet will happen next week and onwards from February 26.

The Trust Wallet SWIFT incorporates smart contract technology, offering a seamless and secure Web3 experience to its users. It will make it easier for anyone and everyone to explore the Web3 world.

SWIFT is a Smart Contract Wallet powered by Account Abstraction. It offers a user-friendly approach to the complexities of Web3 for both beginners and seasoned crypto enthusiasts alike. the SWIFT wallet addresses the common challenges encountered by newcomers such as complexity, security concerns, and the intricacies of managing private keys. It provides a seamless user experience for crypto enthusiasts.

The Trust Wallet SWIFT’s innovative gas fee abstraction feature stands out, accepting gas for transactions in over 200 tokens – an impressive 350% increase compared to existing market offerings.

Moreover, the wallet boasts convenient features like one-click transactions and the added security layer of biometric-protected Passkeys. This sets the smart contract’s wallet apart from other conventional players available in the market.

Trust Wallet SWIFT Keeps Security First

Trust Wallets SWIFT is setting a new standard for Smart Contract wallets, prioritizing user experience and security right from the start. Security has been at the forefront since its inception, with meticulous internal audits, comprehensive external reviews by Halborn and Certik, as well as ongoing smart contract monitoring support from Ancilia. This comprehensive security strategy ensures that users, whether novices or seasoned experts, can navigate the complexities of Web3 with confidence and peace of mind.

Upon launch, SWIFT follows in the footsteps of Trust Wallet’s multi-chain tradition by offering support for seven major EVM chains known for their low costs and scalability. These include Arbitrum, Polygon, BSC, opBNB, Base, Optimism, and Avalanche, with plans for further expansion.

Additionally, to encourage users to explore the benefits of Account Abstraction, Trust Wallet has introduced gas fee discounts with TWT tokens and gas fee sponsorship in collaboration with partners during the beta testing phase.

Getting started with the Trust Wallet SWIFT is extremely simple as the application is available on both – iOS and Android platforms.

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