TurboXBT’s Synthetic Short-Term Contracts Explained

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TurboXBT’s Synthetic Short-Term Contracts Explained
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Synthetic short-term contracts allow traders to speculate on a massive list of trading instruments, including BTC, ETH, forex currencies, commodities, metals, and more.

With a pitch-like style, simplicity, speed, security, and more all on one easy-to-use platform that offers instant profits of as much as 90% in just one minute, it might sound too good to be true. Up until this past month, that was the case, but an all-new platform launched this August offering short-term synthetic trading contracts brings these features to reality for the very first time in crypto.

The following guide is designed to introduce TurboXBT’s short-term synthetic crypto trading contracts, the various trading instruments, and all the benefits the brand-new platform has to offer.

What Is TurboXBT?

TurboXBT, launched this August 2021, is a way for traders to access instant profits on short-term, UP or DOWN, synthetic trading contracts. Durations range from as low as 30 seconds to as much as 15 minutes, and the total profit or risk varies depending on the duration chosen.

Anyone can speculate on the direction the market will turn, and if they are correct, they will be rewarded with instantly booked profit to a secure account. Any potential profits or risks are calculated upfront for transparency before entering a position.

The ultra-reliable platform never misses a beat, making speed but also security the highest priority. There are no fees, low minimum deposits so very little capital is required upfront, and there is a no-risk $1,000 demo account users can practice with before diving into the platform with their own capital.

What Are Synthetic Short-Term Contracts?

Synthetic short-term contracts allow traders to speculate on a massive list of trading instruments, including BTC, ETH, forex currencies, commodities, metals, and more. More than 15 assets are available across 35 trading different pairs. There are only two order types, UP and DOWN, and the only other order modification is the contract duration. Contract durations vary by trading instrument.

An accurate prediction made at the time the contract duration expires will result in instant profits being booked to the trader’s secure account. Profit reaches as much as 90% in one minute for the highest earnings potential across crypto.

This means that anyone can turn accurate predictions about the market into cold hard cash faster than anywhere else around.

Summary: The Bright Future of TurboXBT

TurboXBT is new but already has users raving across the crypto community for how fast the profits begin to stack up. Followers of the platform’s official channels on social media are regularly sharing screenshots of the massive profits earned, and this is only the start. Given how fast and how large the profits are possible, the stories of success will only grow with more time.

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