Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Criticizes Coinbase for No-Politics Stance

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Criticizes Coinbase for No-Politics Stance
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Bitcoin, the mother of cryptocurrencies, has laid a strong foundation for global leaders to follow in solving the hard society challenges. 

As the world grows through the recent society challenges, Silicon Valley companies are playing a vital role in the future society setups. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, a strong supporter of the blockchain technology and the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, disagreed with Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong on the matter of how companies should handle the social challenges and simultaneously focus on their mission.

Twitter and Coinbase CEOs Disagreement

It all began after Armstrong wrote a medium post that highlighted the company’s mission amid the society’s distractions; coronavirus pandemic, riots, racism, and upcoming elections.

Armstrong indicates that his company will focus on its initial mission, and in turn, change global challenges.

“I want Coinbase to be laser-focused on achieving its mission because I believe that this is the way that we can have the biggest impact on the world. We will do this by playing as a championship team, focus on building, and being transparent about what our mission is and isn’t,” Armstrong explained.

According to Armstrong, companies need to stay focused as they cannot be a jack of all trades. “There is never enough time to do everything, so companies need to choose what change they want to see in the world and focus there. It can take decades to move the needle on large global challenges,” the post indicated.

However, according to Dorsey, the fact that the Companies are already involved in Bitcoin and have endorsed the blockchain technology, it is an activism against unverifiable and exclusionary financial systems.

Bitcoin and Social Challenges

On who is right and wrong between the two analogies in regards to solving the challenges facing the society, it all depends on your personal perspective and approach to the matter.

Twitter is an open platform where people exchange ideas, whereas Coinbase is working to push global crypto adoption hence ensuring financial freedom.

Their approach is different but will most likely end up solving the same challenges the world is facing today.

Bitcoin, the mother cryptocurrency, has laid a strong foundation for global leaders to follow in solving the hard social challenges.

The digital asset has been able to include people of all ethnicities around the globe with no central body to govern. As a result, power has been given back to the people. The success of Bitcoin has enabled other crypto projects to thrive in a hostile market that is dominated by traditional financial institutions dealing with fiat currencies.

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