Twitter Employees Sent Packing in New Round of Layoffs

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Twitter Employees Sent Packing in New Round of Layoffs
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This layoff round affected staff working on product management, and data science, and engineers who worked on machine learning and site reliability being sent off.

American social media and microblogging site, Twitter Inc has conducted a fresh round of layoffs sending at least 200 people packing. Several reports confirmed the retrenchment and according to Business Today, the layoff was first recorded on Saturday night after the supposedly affected staff were locked out of the company’s communication channel on Slack.

The takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk has placed a lot of uncertainty on the workers of the platform who currently have no idea what their future with the company is. The billionaire investor had slashed the company’s workforce from a high of about 7,500 to a low of 2,000 in one of the most drastic job cuts since the global economy upturned in the year-ago period.

One of the rationales for the layoffs according to Musk is to reduce the operational cost of the firm. While the idea of Twitter’s finances remains an enigma owing to the fact that the company is now private, there are speculations that revenue is shrinking across the board. With several measures currently on track to return the social media platform to profitability including verification badge subscription, this job cut remains the most consistent.

The affected employees were unable to access their emails and official laptops. This became even more widely known on Sunday morning as the update started growing. Twitter staff used the microblogging platform to post farewell messages to affected colleagues. As reported, the staff left and took to encrypted platforms like Signal to find out who still had clearance.

One of the most surprising updates was that Esther Crawford, the top developer in charge of Twitter Blue has also been sacked. Crawford was one of the top lieutenants to Elon Musk, making this supposed layoff a somewhat hard pill to swallow.

Elon Musk and Twitter Layoffs: Is That All?

Should this recent layoff be allowed to hold, it will imply that Elon Musk has not been a true man of his word. This is because he assured the remaining staff that the retrenchment was over back in November last year. With less than 2,000 workers now handling the workload of more than 7,500 staff, the worry about the functionalities of the platform is now top on every Twitter user’s list.

Many on the microblogging platform have continued to complain about the firm’s algorithms. A good number have called out Elon Musk for a reduction in followers, impressions, and overall engagements. How Musk will correct these complaints with the layoffs remains a trend that is being closely watched.

Previous layoff rounds were centered on Human Resources and recruitment units. However, this current one saw staff working on product management, and data science, and engineers who worked on machine learning and site reliability being sent off.

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