Uber Denies Rumors It Will Accept Bitcoin Payments

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Uber Denies Rumors It Will Accept Bitcoin Payments
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Uber rebutted information about its plans to accept bitcoin as passenger fare.

Customers of Uber, innovative taxi service, have been vainly delighted recently when first rumors about soon acceptance of passenger fare in bitcoin appeared. It was actually easy to believe as Uber is known for its modern approach to business.

Although the company was started only several years ago, it is developing rapidly. It attracts more and more customers by offering new-level transportation service. Drivers are enabled to choose working hours and direction where they wish to drive. They also have an opportunity to work as freelancers.

Uber cares about its customers and try to meet their needs. The company remains up-to-date with evolving technologies that’s why clients can use their mobile devices to find a taxi, estimate the cost and make payment.

It comes as no surprise that bitcoin enthusiasts and Uber clients welcomed the news that now they can pay not only in cash or credit card but bitcoin as well. It was rumored that Uber is planning to add bitcoin wallet into their app. Paying with alternative currencies has some obvious advantages. Comparing to credit cards bitcoin transactions always need authorization of the owner which makes them more secure and personalized.

Being a decentralized service itself Uber might have thought about such an option as bitcoin payments. But as of today the company has officially denied the rumors.

More and more companies all over the world start appreciating the advantages of digital currencies, bitcoin in particular. Payments platform Adyen has recently teamed up with bitcoin payment processor BitPay.

The cooperation resulted in opening up the possibility for Facebook, Groupon, Ryanair, Spotify and thousands of other merchants to use Adyen to accept bitcoin. Now Ayden customers will be able to accept Bitcoin through a single preference check without any further modification of their own site’s back-end.

Roelant Prins, CCO at Adyen, has confirmed the growing interest in bitcoin among merchants. The company offers 250 payment methods and 187 transaction currencies so no wonder that they couldn’t ignore bitcoin.

Braintree is one more company that added bitcoin to its payment services. It has recently launched an open platform v.zero SDK permitting merchants to use advanced payment tools and the most suitable payment methods by means of integration.

Such popular merchants as AirBnB, Dell, Overstock.com, Expedia and thousands of others have got a possibility to make bitcoin transactions. Bill Ready, CEO of Braintree, says that the aim of the company is to give people access to the best payment experiences.

It’s likely that sooner or later the turn to accept bitcoin will reach Uber as well. Unfortunately now it still remains inaccessible for this cryptocurrency.

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