Uber of Trucking Startup Reveals 3 Promising Facts about its Token Utilization

December 30th, 2017 at 1:44 pm UTC · 4 min read

Silicon Valley truck-matching startup, DOFT (Do Freight Transportation), has revealed 3 interesting facts about Doftcoin utilization – the token behind Doft platform which is available for purchase with NY 75% Bonus until the end of this year.

If a cryptocurrency is supported by loyal and large community, it will definitely become popular and will have a strong demand making its rate grow higher and letting its supporters to earn profit on speculations. This is a very simple and common rule, but most of the tokens fail to correspond to these conditions.

On-demand truck-matching platform Doft which aims to instantly match freight shippers and direct truck drivers has revealed the key facts about its DFC token which is going to become the gold standard in payments for freight transportation services.

DFC can be used in:

  • Doft Store – Purchase products on Doft Store website and partially pay in DFC (5-15% of the total amount – available from the 1st quarter of 2018 and growing up to 100% until 2020).
  • Doft App – Pay for Doft premium features within Doft app. The prototype will be available early next year.
  • Buy/Sell Doftcoin on cryptocurrency exchange marketplace – Doft will submit DFC to one of the major cryptocurrency marketplaces in the beginning of 2018.

What makes it even more interesting is the fact that Doft is Reportedly Working on a Mining Protocol which allows any driver to earn Doftcoins while driving by simply running Doft Driver app in the background. Furthermore, you don’t have to drive a truck to earn the cryptocurrency, it can be any type of a car.

Just install Doft Driver app and run it in the background when driving your car. It is clear that earned tokens will be spent within Doft platform making it more popular among truckers. Doftcoin as the main method of payment in Doft will gain a steady traction allowing all early contributors to sell it with a significant profit on a cryptocurrency exchange marketplace starting from the 2nd quarter of 2018.

Doftcoin tokens are digital cryptographic tokens that will be used within the app to reward truck drivers and other transportation service providers. Early adopters can install the Doft Driver mining app (will be available for iOS and Android in 2018) which will let them earn Doftcoin tokens on the go by simply riding with it in the background.

Usage of this app serves to share transportation valuable data with the community, and its providers are rewarded with tokens by the community for helping to weave the local freight transportation web.

Furthermore, since the usability of the app increases as it grows closer to a critical mass, users are rewarded for spreading the application to new users. Community members are encouraged to be part of the project by helping to establish the network and then enjoy its abundance. Doftcoin tokens are being granted as rewards to users who contribute towards establishing the freight transportation web of Doft.

The Doft Driver mining app contains the Doft algorithms which will monitor the number of active users and ascertain when a certain geographic region has reached critical mass.

As soon as a critical mass of users is detected in a specific geographical area, real-time ridesharing service will be rolled out for those users and enabled on the app. At that stage drivers will spend with Dofcoins within Doft platform, creating frequent mainstream usage of the token.

About Doft

Doft – a Silicon Valley based startup – developed a mobile app for the trucking industry that provides freight matching services. The on-demand instant freight and truck matching application has been labelled the “Uber of trucking.” Doft aims to improve the lives of truckers and provide ever-increasing value to shippers and carriers through its peer-to-peer service