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Ubisoft’s ‘Champions Tactics’ NFTs Raking in Millions

UTC by Tokoni Uti · 3 min read
Ubisoft’s ‘Champions Tactics’ NFTs Raking in Millions
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Ubisoft’s Champion Tactics free NFT mint has been a success, minting out in under 20 minutes. The NFTs have also brought in over $2 million on the secondary market.

If you asked many people, they’d tell you that the NFT space is in decline and nowhere as prominent as it used to be. But this doesn’t mean that NFT projects are not still bringing in a lot of money. Take Ubisoft’s latest release, Champion Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles, which released its Warlord NFTs to the public. These NFTs have gone on to rake in millions of dollars in the resale market.

Ubisoft NFTs Making a Splash

After a presale that was only available to a handful of fans, Ubisoft held a free mint of 9,999 of the Warlord NFTs on December 18, 2023. Outside of paying gas fees for the Ethereum network, fans could claim these NFTs at no cost and they certainly did. In under 20 minutes, all the NFTs were gone and began finding their way to the secondary market.

While the initial mint was quite cheap if not free, getting your hands on these NFTs now will not be. It has been reported that these NFTs are being sold for as high as $600 per token. In only a few hours of their being claimed, the Warlord NFTs have brought in over $2 million in secondary market sales.

However, this doesn’t mean that all the Warlord NFTs are available for purchase. Currently, only 7% of them are listed on secondary marketplaces. This means that most of the NFTs are still with those who got them for free. Most likely, these players are going to use the NFTs to get even more free mint NFTs next time Ubisoft announces them. And if some of them eventually make it to the secondary market, they will be quite rare and will command a high price.

The next free mint, which will be of a champion figure, also looks to be shaping up to be a successful one. This most recent drop has been such a resounding success, bringing in a ton of royalties to the company from secondary sales. At the same time, the number of unsold NFTs also indicates that many are waiting for the next drop as well.

This whole saga also speaks to the state of the NFT market. While the space overall is not what it used to be, there are still projects that perform well, especially if they prove their value to the fans. Gaming and NFTs have a long and complex relationship, especially since there has been some pushback and controversy.

Some gaming fans were adamantly against the use of NFTs in their favorite franchises, seeing them as nothing more than a cash grab. But as NFTs continue to prove their value to gamers, we keep seeing them being used in various projects. And, in the case of this Ubisoft drop, succeeding.

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