Meet UBLEX: New Global Crypto Exchange Is Already Here

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by Julia Sakovich · 3 min read
Meet UBLEX: New Global Crypto Exchange Is Already Here

The new global crypto exchange UBLEX launched in March has announced the opening of the USDT and BTC exchange markets.

The global crypto exchange UBLEX that was launched last month has recently opened the USDT and Bitcoin exchange markets.

The main goal of UBLEX is to achieve the status of the leading crypto-based financial asset platform on the globe. The platform is aimed at providing investors from all countries of the world with an opportunity to trade and manage their own digital assets as easily and securely as possible.

Tether and Bitcoin Exchange Market on UBLEX

The launch of the Tether and Bitcoin market is an important step not only for the exchange but for the entire industry as well. This move is said to ensure popularization of digital asset transactions with these both cryptos with the special focus on USDT that is considered to be one of the most successful stablecoin projects.

Moreover, UBLEX has serious plans to build a sustainable digital asset ecosystem that will stand out from the crowd for the high level of transparency and openness that it will ensure. The ecosystem will be fully protected from the influence of controversial token projects that are launched with the only aim to manipulate the market

At the moment, the clients of UBLEX can work with the following digital assets: BTC, ETH, USTD, and EOS. As the exchange has been built to work with wide geography it is planned to make the platform available in different languages. English, Chinese, and Korean languages are supported already. And the funds can be converted into US dollars, Chinese yuan and Korean won.

The platform has already added audio support service in Korean and said that quite soon the same service will be provided in the English and Chinese languages as well.

Further Plans

The team that is staying behind UBLEX deeply believes that digital assets will win the leading positions in the financial system already in the near future. Namely this idea explains such a comprehensive and responsible approach that the team has in respect to the project that they are building.

UBLEX wants its clients to have the most reliable and convenient services to manage and store their digital assets. The team has also created UBLEX own wallet technology that is to ensure the highest level of security.

What’s more, UBLEX as entered in a partnership with Ganado advocates, a Malta-based international law firm that has expressed its interest in investing in the development and technical enhancement of the ecosystem and is ready to provide professional legal consultations.

UBLEX is not going to stop at providing only exchange services. It is planning to move further and to add other financial services focused on digital assets. But already now its clients have an opportunity to enjoy very exclusive and beneficial offers that it has launched for its opening.

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