Ultron and Devla to Level Up the Metaverse Gaming Experience

Place/Date: - September 9th, 2022 at 2:13 pm UTC · 5 min read
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Ultron and Devla to Level Up the Metaverse Gaming Experience
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One of the largest metaverse development companies in the world, Devla GmbH, has announced a partnership with Ultron Foundation, known for its ever Layer-1 blockchain with its own native applications, to create an immersive football game. As they put it, the objective is to take the first step toward bringing Ultron’s robust crypto ecosystem functionality to the metaverse, resulting in the creation of a space where its users may both have fun and earn money.

Ultron Foundation Football Metaverse: Layer 1 GameFi Revolution

Ultron Foundation is a Layer 1 blockchain that made headlines a couple of months ago when they introduced the first-ever native Layer 1 coin. Entering the metaverse space is further expanding Ultron’s vision to enable anyone, no matter their economic background or technological understanding, to participate in the future of digital assets.

Their announced partner Devla is one of the biggest metaverse development companies in the world, successfully navigating the industry right from its inception. Devla is the only known metaverse development company that offers extensive metaverse training for their developers, striving to become the leading metaverse development company in the world. For those knowledgeable of the GameFi, you may recognize the team as the leading developers of the pax.world, winner of the “Metaverse of the year” award by AIBC.

Ultron Foundation Football Metaverse is set to be a digital world that will present its users with a way to enjoy themselves, while providing them with real opportunities to make money. In the words of Lennard Arand, the CEO of Devla GmbH:

“Ultron Football Metaverse will be a digital world where users will be able to buy and develop land, but with a strong focus on football. What I mean by that is that there will be stadiums, leagues, hundreds of football teams and so much more. Users will be able to mint their own football team NFTs, enabling them to play the actual games, compete in the leagues, buy, sell and develop players… and ultimately sell them on the secondary NFT markets, creating huge earning opportunities”.

Ultron’s CTO Alex U. furthermore explained that Ultron Foundation’s underlying principle is to build for utility and that utility has to be wide-reaching. By starting off their metaverse expansion with GameFi, they hope to attract younger generations, which will be able to find their place in Ultron’s ecosystem, and also broaden crypto space.

Well-known games like FIFA and FIFA Manager are attracting millions of players worldwide, but have not managed to bring the game to the next level, not utilizing the technology at hand. Combining their passion for sports with crypto technologies, Ultron and Devla teams are intending on bringing about a revolution to before mentioned gaming experience. If it was rather difficult for people ten years ago to imagine that being a gamer could be considered a job, nowadays this is a distinct reality, as high-level players are earning north of $10 million per year. Knowing that, teams fully understand why incorporating earning potential in the gaming environment is of utmost importance. Users will be able to buy, sell and trade football players as in the real world, and make money while at it. That will be done without much effort because every metaverse player will exist as its own NFT that could easily be traded in the metaverse or on the secondary market. Furthermore, users will make money by winning tournaments, ranking high in leagues and participating in specific events. On the other hand, the metaverse will offer more established ways of making money, such as owning and renting out a stadium, purchasing and reselling the metaverse land, developing utility-based infrastructure on that premises and more.

GameFi is a system where gamers and creators can accrue value in cryptocurrencies and nonfungible tokens (NFTs) for themselves through gameplay. All payments and transactions will be done with Ultron’s native Layer 1 coin (ULX), which will allow metaverse users to earn even more in Ultron’s vast blockchain ecosystem of dApps, such as lending or staking of ULX coin.

The pre-sale of the metaverse land (50% of the total) is available only to those investing in Ultron’s innovative Staking Hub NFT and will end mid-October 2022. Purchase of the Staking Hub NFT can be done on their official website. Ultron’s Football Metaverse is expected to launch by the end of the year, the time when anyone will be able to participate in the land purchases and in the actual usage of the metaverse.

About Ultron Foundation

Ultron Foundation is an emerging blockchain project that aims to offer scalability, security, and faster transaction throughputs, without compromising one for another. By adopting cutting-edge technologies and developing its native token, ULX, the team is on the fast track to becoming one of the new leaders in crypto space. Ultron Foundation is building a wholesome ecosystem that will roll out new dApps rapidly, the first of them being released in the next two weeks, and even more to come at the end of the month.

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