Ultronauts Hang Out at Ultron Foundation’s Discord Server

Place/Date: - November 16th, 2022 at 12:00 pm UTC · 3 min read
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Ultronauts Hang Out at Ultron Foundation’s Discord Server
Photo: Ultron Foundation

Ultron Foundation, a layer-1 blockchain company prominently becoming the new favorite project of thousands of crypto enthusiasts, granted its supporters’ wish by building a platform for the Ultronauts.

The Ultron project launched 5 months ago has been leaving the public in awe by developing its own native dApps and a metaverse beyond NFTs and GameFi. The company’s first breakthrough project was the deployment of a  decentralized exchange that allowed digital assets’ investors to swap, stake, farm and get a better APR.

The unstoppable prominence of the Ultron chain, the reached milestones, the successful public appearance as the silver sponsor of the Future Blockchain Summit 2022, and the recognition received from the biggest names in the crypto world created traction in the crypto community. All this prompted a group of supporters eager to get updates and interact regarding the project.

The Ultronauts celebrated when Ultron Foundation opened an interactive community on Discord. Many were eager for the Ultron team to create their own Discord server, for they have been anticipating hanging out and chit chatting with the Ultron Team and other Ultronauts from all over the world.

The Space Rangers

To ensure a safe journey of the Ultronauts to the Ultronverse, Ultron Foundation created an elite team of space rangers with a comic-like story behind them. This made the discord server exciting and fun to use.

The team is led by Ultronaut Supreme. Based on Ultron’s feed, he is a brave ranger who is set out to defend the Ultronverse against the asteroidal tragedy. Other moderators were introduced on the server as Flyby Voyager, Wild Comet, Solar Seeker, and Admiral Ultro.

The stories created behind the moderators surely raised the interest of the Ultronauts. The members are finding it entertaining and are repeatedly looking forward to the next story. Some of the Ultronauts recognized the appreciation for the moderators and their work by even building an interactive community.

Refer and Win

The discord server ULX Discord Rocket I gained its first 600 members in less than 24 hours when it opened on October 6, 2022. As a welcome event, Ultron Foundation ran a Refer and Win program where Ultronauts were given the opportunity to invite as many people as they could for the chance of winning  500 USDT, 300 USDT, or 200 USDT.

Five Ultronauts tied for the Top 3, hoping to be one of the winners. In the last 4 days, hundreds of Ultronauts joined the server, reaching more than 8,000 members in 30 days.

Engaged Community

The main purpose of the ULX Discord Rocket I is to have a safe space for Ultronauts to connect, and to encourage the knowledgeable community to help one another. The hot topics discussed on the server are ULX utility, farming and staking. It is also the portal for ULX users to submit tickets when they encounter difficulties using the Ultron chain.

The discord server allows the members to learn from the insights of the pro and rookie holders. It became a nice spot to share their excitement over the project and the experiences they have had so far. The Ultron team sees it as a good place to learn what the community thinks the Ultron ecosystem needs to improve.

Aside from the supporters, developers also joined the discord server to learn more about the project and how they can build on the Ultron chain. Recently, the Ultron team published a blog regarding building an ecosystem using the Ultron chain.

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