‘Unique Investigation’ of Flight MH17 Crash is Selling for $10M in Bitcoins

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by Tatsiana Yablonskaya · 3 min read
‘Unique Investigation’ of Flight MH17 Crash is Selling for $10M in Bitcoins
Victims' families marked the first anniversary of their deaths on July 17th, 2015. Photo: Els/Flickr

Private detective agency which stays unnamed conducted an investigation of flight crash which is now offered for sale by the Exchange of information.

Joker.buzz is a website for those who want to sell information for bitcoin. Although it stays unknown for most people, it’s hard to deny that it can come up with interesting items. The Exchange of information has recently presented a unique lot for purchase – investigation of the flight MH-17 crash conducted by a private detective agency.

The Exchange of information made it absolutely clear in its statement that it will negotiate only with potential Buyer, no “PR on the blood”, questions from mass media or other comments are welcomed.

The price for investigation of great importance started from $2 million which is equal to 10,000 BTC. Now it went up to $10 million (35,000 BTC) due to the fact the investigation got incontrovertible proof of the crash.

The Exchange of information appears to be the only guarantor of the deal as mentioned detective agency won’t provide any sample contents other than already presented.

The conditions of purchase are as follows. The Buyer should contact the Exchange of information via messenger threema (id is 8JX3Z4YT). The Buyer must show that a required amount of 10% of the full sum is available – thus he demonstrates the address of the BTC wallet. Once the good intentions of the Buyer are confirmed, the Exchange of information sends appearing questions from the Buyer to the Seller who can in response provide additional samples of the content.

Further the Seller sends materials to the Buyer for review while the latter transfers the money to the Exchange of information. Only when the Buyer confirms the originality of the investigation, the Seller gets the deposit and the deal is considered to be complete. In case of the Buyer having a claim, the Exchange of information conducts additional study of questionable materials. If the arguments of the Buyer are confirmed, the money refund is made.

The Exchange of information listed the description of investigation:

  1. Forensic examination of wreckage, possibly made by foreign objects 1
  2. result of the pathological investigation 2
  3. Report on MH17 crash site examination regarding evidence of presence any of foreign objects such as destructive elements and\or other missile parts
  4. Records of mobile phone conversations made by foreign intelligence agents 6
  5. Video taken from BUK (medium-range battlefield surface-to-air missile system) 15 min
  6. Audio record of radio conversation between combat control officer and military pilot
  7. Independent technical examination for authentity for audio and video materials
  8. Photo of hotel records where foreign intelligence agents had stayed
  9. Additional details on information sources.
  10. History of investigation
  11. Examination on insolvency for versions of other investigations
  12. Information on insolvency for official version of Russian Federation
  13. Information on insolvency for official version of Ukraine
  14. Videos of witnesses questioning
  15. Copies for witness records
  16. Information about the SBU (Ukraine Security Service) agent related to MH17 crash
  17. SBU (Ukraine Security Service) information regarding foreign intelligence agents
  18. Copies of classified documents possessed by foreign intelligence agents related to MH17 crash
  19. Copy of official investigative report on one of information sources in relation with criminal activities.
  20. Military experts’ examination for video record “BUK”
  21. Military experts’ examination for audio record “combat control officer and military pilot”
  22. Experts’ examination for location of BUK missile system, military planes SU-XX and SU-XX, civilian flight MH17 .
  23. Information about experts (Donetsk republic, Ukraine, Russia, UK)
  24. Examination about passengers of MH17
  25. Photos, videos and other documents.

As a reminder flight MH-17 of Malaysia Airlines going from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed in eastern Ukraine. The number of victims reached 298 people. The crash caused numerous debates between Russia and Ukraine who blamed each other in the catastrophe. The investigation of the Dutch Safety Board is to be published in October.

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