United States Crypto Predictions: These 2 Meme Coins Are Set to Surge in 2024

United States Crypto Predictions: These 2 Meme Coins Are Set to Surge in 2024

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United States Crypto Predictions: These 2 Meme Coins Are Set to Surge in 2024
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Memeinator and Shiba Inu are undoubtedly a couple of meme coins poised to skyrocket in value in 2024.

Meme coins are again all the rage as the crypto world ends 2023 with bullish momentum. In the United States, two meme coin projects are making waves ahead of 2024 as the next big crypto investment opportunities before the upcoming Bitcoin halving.

One is Memeinator, a meme coin reworking the traditional format with GameFi-esque features and AI integration. Thus far, the spike in interested presale participants from the United States has contributed to a remarkable $3.5m raised as of stage 12 of the Memeinator presale. The other is Shiba Inu (SHIB), a big-cap meme coin on the verge of a 2024 breakout. Here’s why.

Memeinator ICO Surges in Popularity in the United States

Crypto investors in the United States are backing Memeinator’s mission to revolutionize the meme coin space. Thus far, the Memeinator presale has been on pace to sell out all of its presale stages, with only 193,965,517 tokens left for the presale allocation. With the Memeinator ICO offering presale investors a 6% increase in MMTR token prices for every presale stage it sells out, early adopters can see around 200% in total gains even before the token launches on exchanges.

Prospective investors that join now will still be in line for considerable gains until the presale ends at $0.0292. Investors will be hard-pressed to find those substantial gains with many other launches.

Memeinator is packed with further potential upside, namely upside, once the token lists on crypto exchanges and is available to an even wider audience. Given the optimistic predictions made by most crypto experts for the broader crypto market in 2024, with the market soaring to $1.8 trillion in market capitalization according to CoinGecko, it’s easy to see why Memeinator can easily do a 20x once the bull market arrives.

One lucky presale investor will be eligible to win a complimentary space tour with space travel company Virgin Galactic worth $250,000. Meanwhile, Memeinator has ramped up its community engagement with a merchandise store online and a mailing list with news, updates, milestones, and other announcements involving the revolutionary meme coin protocol.

Memeinator’s socials have grown immensely in size, with a Telegram group of nearly 11,000 members and over 22,000 Twitter followers. This indicates the growing traction for Memeinator in 2024. Memeinator’s initial coin offering is entering the closing stages as of the time of writing. Due to public demand, its MMTR token ICO is on pace to sell out its entire presale token allocation before it ends. From a launch price of $0.01, MMTR tokens have since risen to $0.0186, indicating a total of 86% in price increases since its launch.

What Is Memeinator (MMTR)?

Memeinator is a meme coin making waves in the United States. Crypto enthusiasts in the United States are selling out the final stages of Memeinator’s 20-stage presale, positioning it for a massive run in 2024. The ICO has raised $3.5m, entering stage 12, breaking past seven figures quite some time ago. The meme coin is peaking at the right time for all the right reasons, leading many crypto observers to call it the next big crypto in the meme coin space.

Memeinator has captivated crypto investors in the United States with its intriguing and exponential growth potential. Memeinator’s brand narrative has it time-traveling from 2077 to evolve the format by exposing and destroying the lousy projects of the present day that have multiplied. Memeinator is a meme coin on a mission to rain judgment on the crypto world and remove the pretenders from the meme coin pool. No animal, vegetable, or mineral will stop Memeinator from attaining a $1 billion market capitalization as it zeroes in on weak meme coins that must be culled from existence.

The project’s ambition of merging the best qualities of the meme coin format with the innovative flair of AI and GameFi-esque elements has resonated with crypto enthusiasts from the United States.

For instance, Memeinator will feature the launch of Meme Warfare, a game using a web scraper based on Twitter API and OpenAI technology. The tool uses AI to identify meme coins and determine whether they are sound investments or potential garbage. Its AI web scraper, the Memescanner, uses an algorithm that separates meme coins with future potential from doomed ones. Memescanner then feeds the doomed meme coins into the game as characters for players to hunt down and exterminate.

Crypto Analysts: Memeinator Is the Next Big Crypto of 2024

Memeinator has a $1 billion market cap goal trained in its sights. Should MMTR hit its $1B market cap target, MMTR tokens will be worth $1 each. That would represent 100x from its initial launch price of $0.01. On the conservative side of the spectrum, MMTR can reasonably hit a $500 million market cap and produce a 50x return for Memeinator investors – gains that Shiba Inu can’t feasibly produce within the same time frame.

American traders are understandably buying the remaining Memeinator presale token allocation. With Memeinator recently burning six stages worth of MMTR token supply, token prices are only bound to increase as greater scarcity is introduced. The remaining portion of the reallocated MMTR token supply will be allotted for staking, marketing, and promotional purposes.

Now is the perfect time to buy into Memeinator, considering the Bitcoin halving is just around the corner. Every Bitcoin halving since 2016, thus far, has been followed by a bull run in the succeeding year – positioning Memeinator as one of the most well-timed presale investment opportunities of 2024. Moreover, meme coins have proven their staying power in the market, as evidenced by the rise of BONK towards the end of 2023, or PEPE earlier in the year. And that’s without even mentioning the quarterly token burns that Memeinator will implement to increase scarcity and drive buy-side pressure in the future.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Gains Momentum in the United States Entering 2024

On the other hand, established meme coin Shiba Inu has buoyed its investors with the news of its layer-2 blockchain Shibarium surpassing $1 million in total value locked (TVL), a major milestone for its growing meme coin ecosystem.

Shiba Inu is back in the sights of crypto investors in the United States as one of the next big crypto projects that can make a comeback in 2024. Notably, Shiba Inu recently experienced a near 100% increase in the SHIB token burn rate, leading to approximately 17 billion tokens being destroyed. The token burn has coincided with a 33% increase in SHIB prices over the past 30 days, according to Coinmarketcap data.

Memeinator and Shiba Inu Set to Experience Big Runs in 2024

Memeinator and Shiba Inu are undoubtedly a couple of meme coins poised to skyrocket in value in 2024. Both are on CoinJournal’s best crypto-to-buy list; however, in terms of profit potential, Memeinator is the better choice.

As Memeinator is only in its infancy, its low market cap gives it a higher price ceiling than Shiba Inu in 2024. Shiba Inu went parabolic in 2021, gaining 46,000,000%, yet today, for it to generate the same gains as Memeinator, it would need billions in fresh capital for any considerable pump. Memeinator doesn’t. That’s why American traders are wisely accumulating the next big crypto ahead of the imminent bull run.

There’s still enough time for prospective investors to take advantage of the generous presale incentives Memeinator has to offer before the presale ends in Q1 2024 and proceeds fully with its launch and listing on major crypto exchanges – don’t miss out on the presale that’s captivated American traders.

To buy Memeinator (MMTR), visit the official Memeinator website.

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