UQUID and Binance Pay Partner Up to Launch Online Shopping Platform

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UQUID and Binance Pay Partner Up to Launch Online Shopping Platform
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To keep up with the times, Uquid has introduced a new feature known as ‘Uquid’s Buy Now Pay Later In 3’.

Even before the occurrence of the ongoing global pandemic, countless individuals around the world often felt the need to buy and sell various goods, services and products online, as this presumably made everything easier and more convenient. However, as the world continues to feel the effects of COVID-19, many are now forced to practice social distancing which has only exacerbated the need to make purchases via the Internet and platforms like UQUID.

As such, Uquid is partnering up with Binance Pay to officially launch an online shopping platform, which shall now enable the customers of both platforms to successfully complete cryptocurrency-based purchases and transactions. The collaboration will thus involve the availability of millions of products and many vouchers are currently up for grabs.

Understanding the Partnership

Uquid.com is an e-commerce platform that sells over 2 million tangible items such as ‘Men’s Fashion’, ‘Women’s Fashion’, ‘Appliances’, ‘Jewelry’, ‘Toys’, and more. To address the needs of its committed consumers which have changed thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the platform has partnered up with Binance Pay as previously mentioned. Numerous individuals use Binance Pay on a regular basis as it is a user-to-user cryptocurrency payment function on the Binance App that is widely considered to be highly secure as well as contactless and borderless. In addition, it also accepts transactions for 40 different tokens without any fees.

One of the main reasons as to why the partnership is of the utmost significance has to do with its relationship with Web 3.0. As our society becomes increasingly digitised, there are going to be more and more projects which will attempt to take advantage of the new technologies that emerge such as the metaverse. Platforms such as Uquid are therefore becoming more relevant simply because people from all over the world are going to need new ways of buying different products online, and this need has only been increased thanks to the ongoing global pandemic.

A New Era for Online Shopping?

To keep up with the times, Uquid has introduced a new feature known as ‘Uquid’s Buy Now Pay Later In 3’. This is concerned with preserving the value of cryptocurrency futures by deferring payment through three different instalments for a period of 90 days without charging any interest. This is useful for customers as it grants them the ability to gradually pay for any given item instead of paying the entire amount immediately. When it comes to online shopping, many people would therefore prefer such an option as it is more cost-effective and it allows them to pay with crypto, a method that is rapidly becoming very popular. Such methods also allow for the independent control of one’s budget, a factor that must be taken into consideration given the current state of the economy.

Moreover, we are entering a new era of online shopping as not only do customers want to buy different products, they also want to do it in a safe, contactless way that would allow them to save money and in some cases even earn additional rewards and incentives. Uquid, along with various other platforms, therefore provide such opportunities thanks to features like staking points, receiving incentives and giving out free airdrops. With that being said, cryptocurrencies are going to play a much more prominent role from now on regarding online shopping as we move closer to the new year.

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