Use This Method to Shop on Amazon’s Cyber Monday with Bitcoin and Get up to 33% Discount

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Use This Method to Shop on Amazon’s Cyber Monday with Bitcoin and Get up to 33% Discount
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Using crypto shoppers can use digital currency, including Bitcoin, to enjoy Cyber Monday deals on Amazon, as well as shopping on other days.

Two of the biggest shopping events in the world are Black Friday and Cyber Monday. On both days, merchants and retailers considerably crash their prices so much that it causes such a frenzy among shoppers. In many cases, people wait till any of these days to make purchases they could have made at other times in the year, taking advantage of significant price slashes – sometimes up to 90% on selected items with selected retailers. As Amazon’s Cyber Monday begins and people begin to shop, crypto holders are not left out and can have their fair share of mouth-watering Amazon Cyber Monday deals, using crypto. supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Zcash and Ethereum.

Amazon doesn’t accept crypto payments and while there have been a gazillion and one stories over the years about the company’s intention to begin, nothing has been done. Before now, the only ways to use Bitcoin with Amazon have been indirect, either first converting to cash or using a crypto debit card, which is unavailable in some countries. However, crypto-based startup has delivered the perfect solution, also supporting amazing discounts.

Shopping on has its own search function that has Amazon integration, letting users search on Amazon via Purse. The only downside here is that does not have an advanced search like Amazon, and will not deliver the same experience. A great way to solve this is to find the exact name on Amazon, then put it in

With the extension on Google Chrome, shoppers can easily go to Amazon and use the extension to add the items they need, into Although the extension is currently still in beta and sometimes drags a bit, it still works and can easily be used.

Moreover, lets users import their wishlist from Amazon onto its platform. So all a user has to do is create this wishlist and then import to and check out from the shopping cart.

After the shopping is done and it’s time to check out, gives a minimum discount of 5% – using the “Buy Now” option – regardless of whether or not there are any Amazon discounts. There is also a ‘Set Your Discount’ slider that allows users to increase discounts up to 15% for first-time orders and up to 33% for subsequent ones. has explained that the discounts are fulfilled by people who want to buy crypto using their Amazon gift cards. However, requires shoppers to make a $25 minimum purchase, to evade additional shipping costs.

After checking out, a ‘Review Order’ page comes up with a ‘Proceed to Payment’ button which lands in a ‘Complete Payment’ page that shows’s Bitcoin address as well as a QR Code. It’s important to note that the address is provided in Bech32 format and users have to make sure that their wallet supports this. Alternatively, there is a ‘Try different address format’ link, if there’s a problem with the default one. Once payment has been confirmed, users will see a confirmation page, and also receive an email.

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