User Data of Gaming Gear Maker Razer on Sale Online after Recent Hack

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User Data of Gaming Gear Maker Razer on Sale Online after Recent Hack
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Razer reset all user accounts while asking people to change their passwords.

As per the latest report, gaming hardware maker Razer has allegedly suffered a data breach. Last Saturday, July 8, a hacker forum had a post informing about the attack with the hacker offering the stolen data for $135,000.

“I have stolen the source code, encryption keys, database, backend access logins, etc,” the hacker declared. The hacker further added that “[I] will be selling this one time” for a set price of $100,000 in privacy coin Monero (XMR). However, the hacker is open to considering lower offers as well.

The Strat Times has seen a sample of users’ email addresses on offer, with the hacker claiming that it was from a list having a total of 404,000 entries. The publication also confirms that the data for sale includes the source code as well as the back-end access logins for Razer’s website and its products.

This included folders with names like zVault, which was Razer’s digital wallet launched in March 2017 and later replaced by Razer Gold in December 2018. The leaked data also supposedly contained encryption keys and files related to Razer’s reward system.

One sample examined by ST revealed alleged email addresses of customers who had virtual credit in their Razer Gold accounts. The seller claimed to possess 404,000 accounts, but this information could not be independently verified.

Razer Is Investigating the Matter

In a tweet on Sunday, July 9, Razer said that they have been investigating the potential breach. Furthermore, Razer reset all user accounts while asking them to change passwords.

Razer was hit by another hack, adding to the ongoing aftermath of a data breach that occurred in 2020. On July 10, a Singaporean court heard an appeal by Capgemini, an IT vendor, regarding a $6.5 million award granted to Razer in December.

The 2020 data breach involved the personal information of approximately 100,000 users. It occurred when a programmer from Capgemini allegedly manipulated a line of code, leaving the data exposed between June and September 2020. The breach was detected by a security consultant in September 2020.

Founded in 2005, Razer has offices in the US and Singapore. Back in 2017, the company launched digital currencies for rewards and credits. As per reports, the data stolen during the recent July 8 hack belongs to the old version of the system.

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