User-friendly Blockchain Workflow Builder Proxeus Goes Live

Place/Date: Vaduz, Liechtenstein - September 25th, 2019 at 8:39 am UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Proxeus, Source: Proxeus

A project launched last year in the depths of crypto winter has left beta promising a new way for people to build on blockchain – as well as some unique use cases.

Proxeus, a blockchain workflow tool, is now ready for lift off on the Ethereum main net.

It gives anyone a way to build on blockchain without having to know any of the technical coding side.

Cofounder Antoine Verdon said:

“I am excited to see Proxeus going out into the world and I think that we the software can make a contribution to bring blockchain to the mainstream. I can’t wait to discover new community-driven use cases and learn about new angles and ways to use Proxeus that we may not even have thought about.”

Proxeus has previously been nicknamed the “Wordpress of blockchain” for the simplified process it brings to building on blockchain.

Proxeus has built apps to help create new businesses, issue certificates (for example from a college or university), create receipts, certify assets, track shipments and make anti-doping processes more secure.

It does this by using blockchain’s immutable nature to ensure records cannot be altered.

So far, it has demonstrated its effectiveness at offering solutions to the above use cases, and it has caught the attention of some influential organizations.

Ahead of the summer Olympics in Tokyo next year, Proxeus has interested anti-doping testers.

Proxeus was used to prototype the digitization of therapeutic use exemptions documents for the International Testing Agency (ITA), so uploaded documents could not be forged.

Benjamin Cohen, director general of the ITA recently said, as the organization looks at options for the Tokyo games, which will lead to the issuance of 6,000 anti-doping tests:

“Blockchain can be one of the answers. We have to invest in technologies that will help us make the system fully secure.”

Proxeus is one of the first to offer a working product to the blockchain community, an achievement noticed by some influential players in the tech space.

Bernd Lapp, a Swiss blockchain advisor, said:

“Proxeus is a great infrastructural piece for this new economy.”

Proxeus is free and works with Proxeus’ native XES token. It comes with all components and documentation required to configure and launch the platform as well as to deploy a smart contract to the Ethereum network.

Plus, the technology can easily leverage other DLT platforms – Hyperledger and IOTA have for example been successfully integrated in past projects.