Introducing Vault Coin Non-Fungible Token Protocol

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Introducing Vault Coin Non-Fungible Token Protocol
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The Vault Coin protocol is anticipating the launch of its key platforms including its NFT collection – Kunoichi NFT, and Oasis, its native metaverse platform.

The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) ecosystem is growing at a very fast pace and emerging protocols like the Vault Coin project are aiming to bring unique value and utility to the industry. The NFT ecosystem has been in existence since 2014, but the journey into the modern blockchain-powered world became pronounced with the emergence of the CryptoPunks collection back in 2017.

Since then, the industry has blossomed, and according to a new report by SkyQuest Technology, the global NFT market was valued at $15.70 billion in 2021, and it is expected to reach $122.43 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 34.10% during the forecast period of 2022 to 2028. The combined use of these new token innovations in the art industry has been projected as one of the unique ways the ecosystem will match up with the growth projection.

In this burgeoning ecosystem, Vault Coin is exploring avenues to become one of the protocols that will help redefine the potential of the NFT and emerging Web3.0 world. Vault Coin is an NFT staking platform that is native to the Bitgert ecosystem.

Typically, most investors who are privileged to own an NFT are often limited in terms of what they do with them. Besides the bragging rights that are attached, often showcased when they are displayed as profile pictures on social media, the utility is also limited to their use in web3.0 games.

Vault Coin seeks to eliminate these redundancies by giving every NFT owner the option to stake their assets and earn a reward which is typically paid out via the Vault Coin token (VA). Vault Coin also offers NFT owners the flexibility with which they can also trade the staked assets in the Vault Marketplace.

Vault Coin Protocol’s Old and New Milestones

In a bid to fuel its burning desire to reshape what is obtainable in the NFT world, the project was branded as an outfit that will metamorphose completely into a metaverse ecosystem in the long term. Thus far, the protocol has been able to launch its VA token which it has listed on a decentralized exchange in the Bitgert network.

The Vault Coin project has attracted mainstream partners and backers including TOKYO COIN, BRISEMAN, AIBRA, CQ NETWORK, LUNAGEMS with more to come in the near term.

The Vault Coin protocol is anticipating the launch of its key platforms including its NFT collection – Kunoichi NFT, and Oasis, its native metaverse platform. While the Kunoichi NFT collection has been dubbed the status symbol that will give participants prestige in the community, Oasis is branded as the gem of the protocol.

The Vault Coin protocol is working with a well-defined roadmap, and as described, the native marketplace will launch in the third quarter of this year, the staking interface will go live in the fourth quarter while Oasis will be launched anytime from January to March next year.

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