VirgoX’s Stablecoin Focused Digital Asset Trading Platform Set to Revolutionize Trading Experience

Place/Date: - May 11th, 2020 at 7:26 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: VirgoX, Source: VirgoX

VirgoX’s Stablecoin Focused Digital Asset Trading Platform Set to Revolutionize Trading Experience

Photo: VirgoX 

Stablecoins have been surging with the total market cap of approaching 10 billion dollars, but the digital asset trading industry is yet missing a consolidated market place to provide comprehensive services to various stablecoins assets. There is a growing demand for different types of stablecoins either in the form of fiat-backed, crypto-backed, or asset-backed. More than 100 project teams globally attempted to join in the race along with major players, such as Facebook, global central banks, Tether, Circle, Paxos, Makerdao.

VirgoX launched its revolutionary one-stop stablecoin focused digital asset trading platform inspired by global adoptions of stablecoins and growing demands for integrated exchange services on May 11. VirgoX is an innovative trading platform that offers spot & contracts trading, crypto lending and multiple currency fiat onramp and offramp, all integrated into one place. VirgoX will offer industry-leading trading infrastructure and list all well-designed stablecoins, top digital currencies/projects, stablecoin empowered FX pairs, and other traditional asset derived trading instruments.

VirgoX successfully received millions of dollars in strategic investment from renowned venture capital funds and partnerships, including Consensus Lab, CollinStar Capital, Xiahu Chu Foundation, Nova Club, Xbting Fund, JIC Capital, Coinex Capital, and Satoshi Capital.

Charles Liu, the COO of Collin Star Capital, said:

“Collin Star Capital has been actively investing in digital currency trading platforms. VirgoX aims to become a world stablecoin trading center. It not only has a professional team and a clear strategic positioning but also has the experience of successfully establishing a North American top fiat-crypto trading platform. We will provide VirgoX with high-quality resources to promote its business development.”

Adam Cai, founder and CEO of VirgoX, emphasized:

“VirgoX global digital asset trading platform has a mission to help build a global stablecoin ecosystem. It starts from crypto trading to OTC trading, FX trading and global payment & remittance. With VirgoX diverse product offerings, we are in a position to bring comprehensive services to our users globally and truly become the world’s first stablecoin trading center.”

Besides, VirgoX has partnered with Blockgeeks, Chainanalysis, Ledger and The Digital Chamber of Commerce. VirgoX will work with Blockgeeks to help over thousands of active crypto users on Blockgeeks’s “Learn and Earn” program. Users can learn about both the blockchain industry and cryptocurrencies through online courses and learning activities that allow them to develop knowledge while earning cryptocurrencies & stablecoins as they learn. Such courses are a staple of the Blockgeeks experience and enable users to stay abreast of all the latest happening developments in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space while they upskill and earn in cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, VirgoX will leverage its still ever-expanding and strong network to reach further into South American and Asian markets, uncovering millions of new traders joining the market.

VirgoX is vibrant, innovative and forward-facing as it actively seeks to meet traders’ existing needs in the digital asset trading world while also laying the groundwork for an exciting future. The VirgoX team is drawn from a diverse talent pool and possesses the kind of forward-facing vision and deep understanding that will power the VirgoX trading platform to keep innovating and contributing to the development of the digital economy era.

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