Volvo Partners with Starbucks to Launch EV Charging Stations at Coffee Giant’s Stores

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Volvo Partners with Starbucks to Launch EV Charging Stations at Coffee Giant’s Stores
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Volvo will establish its electric car charging infrastructure at 15 locations between Denver to Seattle. The company will monitor all these stations closely and assess the usage by electric vehicles to decide on future expansion.

On Tuesday, March 15, Volvo cars made a major announcement towards expanding its EV charging infrastructure. Volvo Cars has entered into a partnership with Starbucks for a pilot program for establishing electric vehicle charging stations at the Starbucks coffee stores across the country.

The two will work on some first-hand research and scalability of the proposed project. As a result, Volvo is planning to install a total of 60 Volvo-branded ChargePoint DC fast chargers at 15 Starbucks locations. This will happen on the 1,350-mile stretch from Denver area to the company’s Seattle headquarters.

Volvo said that it will install chargers every 100 miles and expects to complete all installations by the end of 2022. Besides, the company will monitor all these stations closely and to assess the usage by electric vehicles. Based on the results, Volvo might take on a call on the future expansion of the project.

Tesla has managed to grab a higher market share when it comes to the sale o electric vehicles. However, having sufficient charging infrastructure still remains as one of the biggest challenges for the industry. This has forced several automobile companies to enter into strategic partnerships with businesses operating at key locations.

Volvo EV Charging Infrastructure

As said, Volvo is planning to have a charging point at every 100 miles. The Volvo-branded chargers will be open to all EV owners having a ChargePoint account. The Volvo owners will then be able to access the stations at no charge or at preferential rates.

Volvo, now primarily owned by China’s Geely Holding, wants to sell 50% of all its vehicles as electric cars by the year 2025. It also plans for a complete electric car transition by 2030.

In one of its recent dealer conferences, Volvo said it plans to plans to release seven new electric vehicles. Of these, five will be fully electric. Besides, it is focusing on the kind of tech it plans to use for all these vehicles. Last year, Volvo unveiled its first all-electric concept Recharge car. The EV shall enter production later this year.

Volvo is planning to sell at least 20,000 units of its upcoming SUV manually. Volvo also announced that it is planning to have a tech hub in Stockholm. Henrik Green, chief product officer at Volvo Cars said:

“Beyond making our cars safer through technology and more sustainable through electrification, we want to fundamentally change car ownership to be more personal through a world-leading consumer experience. That’s why we are investing in product and tech, and expanding in Stockholm to access the wealth of talent in everything from product management to software engineering and user experience.”

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