Warner Music Group Partners with Play-to-Earn Blockchain Card Game Splinterlands on Novel Gaming Initiative

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Warner Music Group Partners with Play-to-Earn Blockchain Card Game Splinterlands on Novel Gaming Initiative
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Warner revealed the collaboration with Splinterlands to fuse blockchain and music by letting artists develop unique blockchain games.

Warner Music Group (NASDAQ: WMG) has announced a partnership with the popular play-to-earn blockchain card game Splinterlands. Pursuant to this collaboration, both companies will strive to provide opportunities to create and develop unique, arcade-style blockchain games to select WMG artists.

Oana Ruxandra, WMG Chief Digital Officer & EVP, Business Development, spoke on the development. Ruxandra highlighted the advantages the platform stood to gain by working closely with Splinterlands, which currently runs one of the world’s most popular blockchain decentralized apps. The WMG executive suggested that Splinterlands’ resources would enhance WMG’s focus on music. As she put it:

“I don’t think we can underestimate how massive the opportunity around P2E gaming is. By partnering with Splinterlands to build custom tokenized games, we’ll unlock new revenue streams for our artists who have an interest in the space while elevating the role of fandom and community. As the Web3 ecosystem continues to evolve, WMG is committed to making sure music is front-and-center.”

Splinterlands’ co-founder and chief executive officer Jesse “Aggroed” Reich, also touched on the collaborative development between his platform and WMG. According to Reich, WMG as a pioneer in the music industry looks to constantly innovate and meet standards set by Web3 community members. Furthermore, Reich also expressed delight at working with the entertainment and record label conglomerate on many metaverse applications and concepts. Some of these include crypto, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized finance (DeFi), blockchain, and music.

The Warner Music & Splinterlands Initiative Identifies a Growing Trend in the Gaming Crypto Space

Blockchain games are steadily increasing in popularity as an integral part of the future of gaming and crypto. In fact, according to DappRadar, blockchain games account for about half of all activity in the blockchain industry. With their current project, both WMG and Splinterlands are hoping to leverage on this trend. Furthermore, the added music-oriented back-end WMG brings allows both platforms to appeal to a broader and larger demography. WMG and Splinterlands will create mobile-friendly, accessible games that can expedite wider adoption and foster community building. The belief is that this objective is more easily achievable than traditional play-to-earn games can attain.


Founded in 2018, Splinterlands is a leading blockchain gaming developer that focuses on fantasy-themed collectible card games. Powered by hive blockchain technology, the platform currently boasts a registered user base of 1.8 million, and 450K daily users. In addition, Splinterlands surpassed a monumental one billion battle milestone. The blockchain-based trading card game looks to foster a community experience by prioritizing the input and guidance of players as fodder for further gaming developments.

The rewards players earn on Splinterlands, including digitized tokens, hold value in the real world. This provides players the option of trading, selling, or leasing anything they earn in the game.

Back in January this year, Splinterlands entered a collaboration with diversified digital currency ecosystem TeraBlock to elevate the DeFi gaming experience. According to the deal, users will be able to bridge simplified tokens using TeraBlock across multiple blockchains on the Splinterlands gaming platform.

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