Watford Football Club Introduces Crypto Cup 2020 Meetup and Charity Event

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Watford Football Club Introduces Crypto Cup 2020 Meetup and Charity Event
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Come the end of this season’s 2019/2020 English Premier League edition, Watford FC and jersey sponsor crypto-led sportsbook Sportsbet.io will join hands to host the first Crypto Cup meetup at Vicarage Road, the home of Watford Football Club.

For one day, the season’s closer will bring together enthusiasts, businesses, educators and developers from the blockchain world to meet, talk issues, discuss topics and of course, play a bit of football for charitable causes.

With the ongoing theme always centering on adoption and awareness, the Crypto Cup will be organized in a little bit more than 2 months, on May 16. It won’t be the first time crypto users visit Watford, of course, with the famous Bitcoin Box at the stadium available for purchase only in Bitcoin, and advertising on billboards also via Bitcoin. Crypto supporters have come to support the team affectionately known as The Hornets, and shopped online at the Watford FC store, where Bitcoin is welcome.

And with the Bitcoin logo famously displayed on Watford FC jersey sleeves, the Sportsbet.io partnership has done much to forward the cause of crypto and Bitcoin via the footballing platform.

Paul O’Brien, who is a Commercial Director of Watford FC, has thrown his support behind the event at “the Vic” and hopes that everyone has a lot of fun and education in the discussions:

“This is the first event of its kind to be organized at Watford FC, throughout this season we have been delighted to welcome the crypto community to experience match days at Vicarage Road, through our partnership with Sportsbet.io and the Bitcoin jersey sponsorship.”

It is not a secret that football boasts the reputation of one of the most popular and hotly-loved sports in the whole world. The English Premier League attracts hundreds of millions from all the corners of our planet. So there are no grounds for doubts about the feasibility of any initiative related to the promotion of anything on the football events. It is clear that many people could see the Bitcoin logo on Watford players’ shirt sleeves, courtesy Sportsbet.io sponsorship. Sportsbet.io CEO Tim Heath speaks about the significant impact that football sponsorship has had for mainstream awareness of crypto, and hopes that the deal with Watford FC can take it even further. He stated:

“Being part of the conversation on the day with both fans and experts, exploring what the future of crypto adoption looks like and enjoying the Vicarage Road experience is a brilliant opportunity for all involved.”

At the Crypto Cup, a 5-a-side football round-robin event will feature on the pitch, with every team representing a charity. And to add more excitement a Watford legend will motivate each team with a pre-match team talk!

To find out how to participate and get tickets, visit Cryptocup.com for a speaker list, event details and much more!

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