Waves Ranked First by Commits in Blockchain Development, Ethereum and Cardano Follow

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Waves Ranked First by Commits in Blockchain Development, Ethereum and Cardano Follow
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According to MetaBlock, Waves is the top blockchain project leading by commits. Ethereum and Cardano follow Waves and take the 2nd and 3rd positions with 1847 and 1687 commits respectively.

In the fast-developing world of digital currencies, any player willing to stay on board should keep their eye on the ball. The distributed ledger itself is continually developing, that’s why different blockchain networks ceaselessly improve the mechanisms maintaining their functionality and come up with upgrades.

MetaBlock, blockchain analytics agency involved in providing ratings of the best blockchain projects and companies on a monthly basis, has recently settled the list of the most notable blockchain upgrades and the most prominent developers based on GitHub data. The database has been updated by MetaBlock on September, 1.

Waves is Leading by Commits

According to MetaBlock, Waves is the top blockchain project that has been leading by commits over last month. Launched by the Russian entrepreneur Alexander Ivanov in 2016, Waves is an open-source platform and decentralized environment for Web 3.0 applications.

It addresses the needs of developers and companies that want to leverage the properties of blockchain systems and offers a wide range of tools aimed at making the process of developing and running dApps easy and accessible. Since its launch, Waves has released a number of successful blockchain-based solutions and developed into a constantly-growing technological platform. Currently, it has 1849 commits and is considered as the top blockchain platform.

In August, Waves unveiled its experimental network, the stagenet. According to the company’s blog post, stagenet is a fully functioning Waves blockchain but the WAVES token there has no value and can be received for free. Stagenet aims to help developers test the functionality of new versions of Waves before they are deployed on testnet and mainnet.

Recently, Waves has partnered with the Abyss, a digital distribution platform for online video games. As a result, the Abyss will utilize the Waves’ blockchain technology for building a universal marketplace of all tradable goods and in-game items offered by its partner game developers through their games.

Ethereum and Cardano Ranked Next

Ethereum, a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts, follows Waves and takes the second position with 1847 commits. As we reported earlier, Ethereum is set to join the open-source Hyperledger consortium, which will make it the first public blockchain network joining Hyperledger as the latter’s technical steering committee approves a proposal for adopting the ConsenSys-backed Pantheon project.

At the beginning of next year, the launch of the initial phase of Ethereum 2.0 is taking place. It includes a lot of stages, with the initial phase scheduled for January 3, 2020. As we have reported earlier, the Ethereum 2.0 combines important projects like Proof-of-Stake (PoS), sharding, and eWSAM.

Among the top ten platforms leading in blockchain development are also Cardano with 1687 commits, Aeternity with 1164 commits, 0x project with 1024 commits, Lisk with 998 commits. Then follows Holo with 820 commits and Stellar with 712 commits. The top ten is finished with EOS and Augur that boast 688 and 586 commits accordingly.

Bitcoin network takes the 20th position in blockchain development, according to MetaBlock. On this scale, the network sank by two notches, as last month it was 18th.

At the bottom of the list are platforms with no commits. Among them are Bitcoin Private, Bitcoin SV, BitTorrent, Bytecoin, NEM, ReddCoin, Tezos, and USD Coin.

Top Developers According to MetaBlock

The analytics agency has also provided a list of top blockchain developers. The first two positions are taken by Maxim Maslin and Aleksei Mialkin, both are involved in the Waves project and have 360 and 331 commits respectively.

Among other top blockchain developers on the list are Fabio Berger and Remco Bloemen from 0x project, Michael Feldstein from Stellar, Nathan Pierce and Scott Arnette involved in EOS, and others.

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