WAY2BIT Announcing the Soft Launch of the ‘BORA Island’ Digital Content and Wallet Platform

July 2nd, 2019 at 2:09 pm UTC · 3 min read

WAY2BIT Announcing the Soft Launch of the ‘BORA Island’ Digital Content and Wallet Platform

On June 2nd, BORA (CEO Cindy Lee) announced the soft launch of their BORA Island service.

BORA Island is a digital content blockchain platform available to everyone, along with wallet functions for managing and trading digital assets. With the soft launch of BORA Island, three games from their official partner UNIT5 – Push Sushi, Find Bird, and Snake Worm – will be available as initial contents to all BORA members. BORA is also planning to add additional blockchain contents together with partners in various areas after stabilization of services.

In addition, BORA Island offers a wallet function which enables integrated management and trading of Ethereum-based ‘BORA tokens’ and their internal ‘SHELL token’ an exclusive cryptocurrency for BORA platform. The BORA Island wallet offers an intuitive user experience where it is easy to trade tokens with other users using an email address. Users no longer need to rely on complex wallet addresses to transact with others, and all transactions are easily viewable on the BORA Explorer, BORA’s blockchain data viewer.

BORA Island currently operates as a testnet where only the TEST-BORA and TEST-SHELL tokens can be used while the platform is stabilized through quality assurance and user feedback. Users can sign up to use BORA Island services from the website or by downloading the Android mobile app. Also, to celebrate the BORA Island soft launch, users will be able to participate in several events to provide service feedback and earn BORA tokens as compensation.

BORA CEO Cindy Lee said:

“We are proud to unveil one of BORA’s core services. We will focus on stabilizing the service and adding additional blockchain content with various partners that are easily used in everyday life. We look forward to your participation!”

In addition to BORA Island, BORA provides their BORA Lagoon blockchain development tools and management space for developers, and their BORA Explorer service to content developers and users.

For more information, visit the BORA Ecosystem website or BORA official Medium to learn more.

Introduction to BORA

BORA, a blockchain digital content platform, is a DApp platform aimed at distributing digital content and entertainment services in partnership with various businesses to boost the user participation while providing a two-layer blockchain structure and token economy.

Currently, BORA is working with major domestic game developers such as 4:33, ENP games, Neon Games, Unit5, SuperTree, Emong Games, and Pier6, along with industry partners such as Greenwood Networks (real estate), Wisepeer (music), Huray Positive (health), RS-Edu Consulting (education), and Infoseed (grid location).

BORA has also formed an official partnership with Klaytn from GroundX, Kakao’s blockchain project, and is cooperating closely with the team to improve their blockchain technology and link the BORA platform to the Klaytn Mainnet.



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